Saturday , 24 February 2018
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What do People think about Different States of India? (Acc to Google)

Courtesy of this tweet, I thought I should do the same with different Indian states. And results are certainly interesting. If you didn’t go through that link, this post basically is what different people (via Google) think about different states of India. It makes use of the search suggestions that Google throws up as more people search for similar things …

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Tata Sky Everywhere TV (on Mobile) is not free. But why not?

Tata Sky Everwhere TV

Tata Sky Every Where TV. You must have already heard about it by now. Although Tata Sky isn’t the first DTH company to launch such a product, I was happy this came through. What I was not happy was to hear that I had to pay separately to watch TV on mobile. Being a subscriber of Tata Sky already, I …

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Plastic Gas Cylinder Trolley Review (Rs.99)

Cylinder Trolley

We all know the kind of stains (made of rust) gas cylinders make on our flooring. I wanted to get rid of that. Also, our cylinder delivery boy is a generous guy who would bring the new refill into the kitchen and take the old one himself. But, sometimes a crack head turns up and simply refuses to bring the …

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Airtel HD + Set Top Box with Unlimited Pen Drive Recording

Airtel HD + Pen drive recorder

There are already so many varieties of Set Top Boxes (STB) to chose from. Starting with the normal standard definition (SD) STB, SD STB with recording facility (although most companies have retired this variety now), then HD STB and finally HD STB with recording facility. When I say recording facility, it also includes the features such as Live pause and …

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Really? An IRCTC Shopping website?

Shopping venture from IRCTC

Well, as much as I want to try out new sites for my shopping needs, I am absolutely not getting any confidence to put an order at the newly crafted shopping venture of IRCTC. Why? One, because it is from IRCTC and my vast experience of dealing with it for other purposes and a line ‘a Govt of India Enterprise’ …

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SBI Life eSuraksha Plus review – Best Online Term Insurance plan

SBI Life eSuraksha Plus term policy

I’m a big fan of anything simple and something just grabbed my attention today when I was about to login to my SBI Banking account. SBI Life Suraksha Plus, a pure term insurance plan is now being offered as an Online policy, called eSuraksha. The terms were so simple to understand and a term insurance plan was on my radar …

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How to deposit (encash) a cheque (outstation, at par) in India?

Yes, a simple guide on how to deposit (encash) a cheque (a local currency cheque) mainly for those who are doing it for the first time. Normally, when someone gives you a cheque instead of money, you would simply take it to your bank and ask the bank persons what and how to proceed with it. But, soon you’ll come …

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