Saturday , 24 February 2018
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New Symbol for Indian ‘Rupee’

You wrote ‘Rupees’, you wrote ‘Rs.’ and you wrote ‘Re.’. From now, you’ll have to write an all new Symbol to represent the ‘Rupee’, the Indian currency. Remember the open competition that was announced almost (well, more than) a year ago by the Ministry of Finance? It was a competition to design a Symbol for representing the Rupee that echoes …

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Airtel Unlimited Internet for Rs.98/month

The offer that was discontinued by Airtel for some reasons is back in the New Year. Now recharge with RC 98 and get 2GB of free data with a validity of one month. Let me tell you, 2GB is a LOT of data when you are browsing from your mobile. Since this comes under GPRS, speed remains fairly low with …

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eLitmus test, what is it?

Established in 2005, eLitmus has grown leaps and bounds in these four years and now, its one of the most preferred test (pH test) for entry level job seekers. This pH test will be similar to those written test that are conducted by companies in campus recruitment’s. But instead of separate written tests for each company a single pH score …

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Airtel,Beep india introduces a whole new form of mobile advertising

I have always been a big fan of airtel,the number ‘one’ mobile service provider in India.It gives me the feeling that i belong to India.Did you watch the recent advertisement by Bharti(airtel),reminding its logo change? Wasn’t that inspiring? Now with its new leap into mobile advertising i can’t hold myself from becoming MAD about airtel. Airtel india with yet another …

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