Saturday , 24 February 2018
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How to hide ‘Last Seen’ time on WhatsApp Android; Officially

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Most of you are probably using WhatsApp on your phones. And most of you might be using it on an Android phone. There’s some good news today. No, not the Facebook acquisition but a set of new privacy features which were exclusively available to iPhone users till now. Android users can now hide their ‘Last Seen’ time from the privacy …

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App to Text/SMS unlimited to USA mobile for free (Pinger)

There are different ways to keep in touch with friends and family staying in the United States or in some other country. But, texting or calling their personal phone stays above any of those ways. While we are not discussing about calling here, we will provide you with a invaluable tool that lets you text your friends in the states …

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Tata Sky Mobile App with remote record (Android & iPhone)

Sure there was a Tata Sky mobile app previously (for Nokia, Blackberry and iPhone) but all it could do was seeing schedules and record programs (only for Tata Sky+). When compared with mobile apps of other DTH/DVR’s around the world, that app used to be way behind standards. Now, in an attempt to at least reach those standards, Tata Sky …

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State Bank Freedom, now on Android

Being a Government run Bank, you had to expect that State Bank of India and its Associates will be the last ones’ to adopt latest technologies. While most leading private banks’ such as Axis Bank and ICICI Bank already have a mobile banking app for Android OS (from a long time), SBI has only joined the league (very) recently. The …

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Google brings Transit Navigation with Maps 5.7

After Maps Navigation, Google now brings Transit Navigation to Google Maps app, and like before, it’s the Android users who get the first taste of it. And unlike maps navigation, transit navigation is available in more than 400 cities world wide right from the launch. Transit Navigation (requires an Android 2.1 or above with Google Maps 5.7 app) makes use …

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Review of Press Reader for Android

Earlier we said that Press Reader App for Android was made available by Samsung to all Galaxy S users via the Froyo update. And now, it looks like the service is finally enabled and we were able to download and use the app. First impressions; Nice. When I tapped on the Press Reader icon, it redirected to the Samsung Apps …

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Press Reader App for Android

It looks like the PressReader App, from NewspaperDirect Inc, that makes 1700 News Papers from 92 countries in the world available for iPhone and iPad users has now made it available for Samsung Galaxy S Android users too (see the image for PressReader app). The App was seen installed along with the Froyo update that happened today (29 November) for …

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