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TVS Apache RTR 180 F1 is making its debut soon

Following the huge success of Apache RTR 160, TVS motors now plans to roll out the new Apache RTR 180 to counter its competitor in Bajaj Pulsar 180. Bajaj too is making some cosmetic changes to the looks of Pulsar 180. The look of Apache RTR 180 seems to be stunning with an extended petrol tank scoop like that of Stunner. The rear tyres seem to be wider than that of the existing Apache RTR160 giving more grip during turns.apache-rtr-180

The sports look of RTR 160 is more exemplified in 180 by placing a RTR 180 logo near the side clip with a moto gp styled checkered blocks. The chain guard is expected to be absent just to make it more of a sport bike rather than a city bike. The handle bar will have a adjustable lever giving the rider various positions to hold it. Just like a 3 piece handle which many of you may have seen in a modified bike. The handle can be pulled towards the centre (not fully) so that the rider position looks similar to a moto gp bike rider (Am I expecting too much?).

The indicators in its console have:

  • A low fuel Indicator
  • A low oil indicator
  • Digital fuel gauge indicator
  • 2 digital trip meters
  • A pass by provision
  • An analogue tachometer

The seat is a step up seat giving the pillion rider a higher seat position than the driver.

The power is expected to be in line with Bajaj Pulsar 180 at nearly 17.5Bhp.

It has a fuel tank capacity of 16 litres with a ground clearance of 180mm.

The wheels are tubeless with a wheel base of 1300mm.

The price could be at Rs.78000 mark.

All in all, the Apache RTR 180 is all ready to set new records in the 180 cc segment. Will have to wait and see if the changes in looks for Pulsar 180 will do anything to stop the envy.

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  1. apache rtr 180 cc is a great bike even i m happy to become the owner of apache 180 its great in mileage but after first service it gives upto 42 to 45 km its a high pick up bike which can express a spectacular performance on road it looks like a beautiful bike as like your girlfriend please treat ur apache as ur friend then it will run as long as u go .its a lightest and fastest bike .overall its a complete package of sports bike.

  2. hi i want to know about apache 180 mileage

  3. Gajanan Chaudhari

    I love apache RTR white 180 Bike it was really awesome bike

  4. I want to know about this bike.

  5. m a bike…. i got a yamaha xj6, pulsar 220 n a rtr 180
    its d bst (rtr 180.)

  6. RTR 180 is good bike

  7. i want a bike which is good in above 150cc my number 9288088273

  8. Hi Friend TVS Apache RTR 180 FI. it’s Available and where is Available ? Can you tell me Please.

  9. Sir,
    Pls Tell me whats the millage for Apache 160 rtr . i don’t know how many millage all are getting . but i am getting only 35 km for 1 liter petrol . But I Service correct time and correct kilometer . pls do need for for me . pls cont this number 9344227002 . wht i do pls u tell .

  10. i lub this bike..i m planning 2 buy this bike soon…but i cant wait more..

  11. Dear,
    apache is best bcoz i having it.

  12. kya apache mein 2 tyre hein …….hihahaha

  13. subashis kanjilal

    pls send me bike price list 180-165 pls send asap

  14. i wanted to know that which is best – pulsar 180 or apache 180….

  15. I booked RTR 180 FI yellow and get my dream bike on 21st of this june

  16. i am going to buy apache rtr 180 in next month i expect a great experience when using it

  17. hi sir, happy republic day sir,i want to know about apache 180,180fi and’s their milaje,pickup,top speed,bhp power and prices.plz gv rply sir. thank yu

  18. when is RTR 180 fi gonna be released … i’m planning to buy a rtr 180 but if FI is going to be released soon i can wait .. plz tell me …

  19. sir , i want to know about APACHE RTR 180-Fi . its millage,price, top speed,pictures& features. plssss ,sir send me soon .

    • in bangalore its 78k.. mileage leads to 43 as per my apache180 in city.. i bot it a month back… great pickup… fantastic braking with dubl discs

  20. I want to know about APACHE RTR 180 & 180-F1 & 160, its millage,price, top speed,pictures& features. plssss ,send me as soon as possible thank u.

  21. is apache 180 available in any color accept white?

  22. i want to buy Apache tomorrow i want to know more about apache 180 and 160 price,millage,and colors in 180 pls rply me soon

  23. Hi sir,

    I am going to buy a apache 180 next month. I want to learn bike racing. can you suggest me any academy or club. Please replay sir.

  24. hi i woud like to kno tat at wat shift does thid bike reaches 100kmph . if it reaches at the third gear then its great . thankyou

  25. Plz plz even i m excited to know APACHE RTR 180-Fi millage,price, top speed,pictures& features. plssss ,sir send me soon . thank u

  26. Is Apache rtr 180 available in RED?


  28. im looking forward to buy apache 180. I want to know its milage and top speed.. Is it better than PULSAR 180..?

  29. sir , i want to know about APACHE RTR 180-Fi . its millage,price, top speed,pictures& features. plssss ,sir send me soon . thank u

  30. hai sir my name is sharath i would like to buy APACHE RTR 180 .i would like to know millage fo it & top speed can u send it as soon as possible .thanking you sir.

  31. They ve got some pics of new apache rtr 180 in yellow shade!!

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