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Suzuki GS 150 R Vs Hero Honda Hunk

Since the launch of Suzuki GS 150 R, there is a comparison going on between the said and Hero Honda Hunk. So let’s see what these boys have got.

Hero Honda hunk


Length : 2080 mm

Width  : 765 mm

Height  : 1095 mm

Wheelbase : 1325 mm

Ground clearance : 145 mm

Kerb weight : 143 kg (kick)

146 (self)

Fuel tank capacity

12.4 ltrs with a reserve of 2.2 ltrs.


Rim size: Front > 18×1.85, Alloy wheels

Rear > 18×2.15, Alloy wheels

Tyre size: Front > 2.75×18

Rear > 100/90×18


Front – Telescopic Hydraulic Shock absorbers

Rear – Swing arm with 5 step adjustable Nitrox GRS.


Front: Disc  > 240 mm, Non asbestos type

Rear > Internal expandable shoe type, 130 mm


Multiplate wet clutch and 5 speed constant mesh gear box.

Engine Specifications

Air cooled, 4 stroke single cylinder OHC

Displacement: 149.2cc

Max power: 10.6KW (14.4Ps) @ 8500rpm

Max torque: 12.80 N-m@6500rpm

Compression ratio: 9.1:1

Ignition: Advanced microprocessor Ignition system.

With all this, you get a warranty for 3 years or 40000 kms, whichever is earlier.



Suzuki GS 150R


Length : 2095 mm (15mm more than hunk)

Width  : 775 mm (10mm more than hunk)

Height  : 1120 mm (25mm more thank hunk)

Wheelbase : 1340 mm (15mm more than hunk)

Ground clearance : 160 mm (15mm more than hunk)

Kerb weight : 149kg (at least 5 kgs more than hunk)

Fuel tank capacity

15.5ltrs (3.1ltrs more than hunk)


Tyre size: Front > 2.75×18 42P (Same)

Rear > 100/90×18 (Same)


Front – Telescopic, Coil spring, Oil damped

Rear – Swing arm type coil spring, Oil and damped (Compare above)


Front: Disc – Hydraulic singe disc

Rear – Drum


6-speed, 1-down and 5-up (Only 5 speed transmission in hunk)

Engine Specifications

Air cooled, 4 stroke single cylinder OHC (Same)

Displacement: 149.5cc (.3cc more, ok, let me say same)

Max power: 13.8bhp@ 8500rpm (14.4 for Hunk)

Max torque: 13.4 N-m@6000rpm (Much more torque and hence pick-up)

Compression ratio: 9.35:1

Ignition: CDI

Comparing the two bikes without considering the brands, clearly Suzuki GS 150 R is a better buy. Considering the brands, I would say, there is nothing much between them and it could be either.

But the thing to remember is, there are other bikes in this category viz, TVS Apache RTR 160 F1 and Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-Si.

Do Suzuki GS 150 R and Hunk got what it takes to beat the other two?

The answer would be an easy, No.

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  1. Suzuki gs150r ultimate, the best bike, mileage, looks, engine, sound, smoothness, A1. Must buy bike, everybody should go for this muscular companion, it rules the roads…

  2. if any 1 want to buy 150cc bike then go for cbz. max power is 14.4bhp wlih makes much difference from others.

  3. guys gsr is the best bike in 150 cc and trust me its a suzuki product world wide famous for its quality just go for it no other bike can stand in front of it

  4. I bought gs 150 r 9 months ago , it gives me 50 to 54 mileage , smooth working , good handling , the problem is about power we cant cruise to other bikes using this .

  5. I want to buy bike in 150 cc range and i love suzuki GS150R is this successful and are parts available easily now..? should i book suzuki GS 150 R as fast as possible.. Plzz reply me as fast u can
    thanks a lot..

  6. Hey Guys may I know which has the Top Speed…..?
    Hunk or GS 150 R…..?

    If I keep a Race Between Hunk and GS 150 R which one will win ?

  7. gs 150 is 1 st waste bike it cant give mileage don’t buy any one

  8. yeah, spare’s are available in india in all show room’s.. Its not that costly too.. You gotta find out the cost in the show room itself..

  9. hello guy’s, its a pleasure to share my thought’s in here.. I’ve bought a gs150r 3month’s back, and really it is a good bike.. Guy’s but i would like to say, not coz i own a gs150r am praising my own machine.. Really you guy’s have to ride it to really know n feel it.. Its a best of its own in the 150 segments.. De riding comforts is to the best.. And guy’s i’ve touched 112 km/hr on my bike to the max, and believe me there was not even a single engine vibration and also it does not increase any of my stress in riding.. And guy’s in a long ride, when shifted to the 6th speed gear, wow wow the bike just glides on the road.. There’s never a engine strain at all.. De only thin which lacks is , a li’l more attention in service stations will bring suzuki the top most leading brand in india.. I feel the service station in my city where i go to, does not respond well to me.. Thats y i am telling yo this..

    Guys if you r into getting a 150 cc segment bike, go in for the suzuki gs150r.. You’ll never regret at any time..

    At last a bike is cum to beat the pulsar and put it of road.. (its my own thoughts guys).. Hope this does not hurt any1’s feeling.. If so i regret..

    Every1 ride’s on suzuki,
    So as india ride on them..

    Best wishes, and also ride safe and njoy ya ride’s..
    All the best to every1 in here..

  10. syed javeed iqbal

    i would defiantly prefer HUNK over GS150 or Pulsar.. in fact was using Pulsar for 5 years.. just recently bought HUNK & Have more Advantages than Pulsar..

  11. I want to by SUZUKI GS 150R, Tall me,Please Spare Parts are available in the cost.

  12. i have booked gs150r but somebody told me having vibration in gs150r
    pl update me … i have other option … 1. gs150r and 2. new hunk…… Update me which is good for me .. avrg and long life?

  13. Suzuki gs150r is one of the best bike as compare to other bikes GS is excellent bike specially great pickup,6 gear but parts r not available.

  14. i interested to perches the this 150R bike but the spare parts are available in market ?
    and what are avg giving this bike ?

  15. yeah i got to knw dat gs 150r is really awesome bike as compare to hunk~in real way gs beated da hunk……

  16. gs 150 i m purchase before 7 months ,it is best bike in all compare to pulsar ,hunk ,unicorn ,its good in seating ,avg, look in new graphics, speed , i achieved 140 km/hr speed on gs 150bike………………

  17. i’ll prefer Hunk over GS150R.

  18. in lookswise gs150 does not stand in front of hunk.hunk is the best

  19. I want to buy a bike in 150cc segment, plz tell me which i purchase like pulsar 150,hunk,cbz extreme,suzukigs150r, or any other. I chose suzuki gs150r plz tell me i buy it or not. Sanjeev datta Bhopal (M P)

  20. Amit Kumar Tiwary

    Sir, please let me know are the spare parts of gs are easily available?

  21. Gs is nice bike i purchased it before 8 months.GS is ecxelent bike specially grt pickup,6 gear but parts r not available.

  22. I think GS is good than the Hunk I drive both the bike i would like to go for the GS…..

  23. The comparison is intresting but parts of gs are easily available?

  24. I think Suzuki GS150R is a best motor cycle other than Hero HOnda Hunk or Bajaj Pulsar 150.

  25. yamaha service manual

    Interesting article, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence 🙂

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