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Petrol car or a Diesel car? How should I chose (Advice)

With Petrol rates reaching new heights, it’s only obvious that people buying a new car would prefer other alternatives, and that alternative at this time, is only Diesel. Until couple of years ago, for every 3 Diesel cars that sell, 7 Petrol cars used to be sold. Now, the situation is exactly the reverse and people are not minding the waiting period of 4-5 months (on average) to get their hands on their choice of diesel car.

It’s obvious, as Diesel is priced at least 35% lower than Petrol and also Diesel cars yield better mileage than petrol cars.

But, do you really need a diesel car?

As you may know diesel cars have a premium over petrol cars (from 75k to 1 lac). A research study shows that most people won’t even recover this premium since they travel very less or change the car too soon. Studies say that a diesel car is preferable over petrol cars, only if the car does about 2000 kms every month. And of course this also depends on for how long do you intend to use that car. If it will be the only car that you will buy in the foreseeable future, you will eventually recover the premium and hence a diesel car may be advisable.

You can simply calculate yourself. Once you decide the car and know the difference between its petrol and diesel variant, its pretty simple to make the calculations. Just estimate your monthly travel in kms and know the approximate mileage of the car (whatever the company says, take about 4 to 5 kmpl from it). That gives the number of litres your car consumes each month. Multiply this with the ongoing petrol rate. See how many months it takes to cross the difference between petrol and diesel car. If you feel you will change your car with in this period, then obviously you should chose petrol version. If not, then diesel should be your choice.

But the thing is, most people who go for diesel, even when they don’t do 2000 kms a month, say that it feels a lot better to give away that premium once to the dealer than to spend more every time they go a fuel station to fill petrol. There you go, the human nature.

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