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Hero Honda Passion Pro Mileage

Passion Pro is now the hot selling bike for Hero Honda. It was a replacement for the ageing but still selling-like-hotcake passion plus. Also Passion plus definitely needed some style statement which Hero Honda did manage to bring to the Pro version.

But for an Average driver or rather I’ll address him as an ‘Aam Aadmi’, nothing is more important than the price of the bike that he buys and the Mileage that it gives. While Hero Honda managed to keep the price below the Rs.50000 mark, it couldn’t quite live up to the expectations in the Mileage part.

Passion Pro Mileage check up

There is no doubt that the main competitor to Passion Pro at this time is the Bajaj Discover 100cc. We made a comparison between Passion pro Vs Discover 100cc here which also gives the mileage details of both.

We reported that we got a Mileage of 71kmpl in heavy city traffic for Passion pro. That Mileage was for Passion Pro, without a pillion rider, not getting to speeds over 70kmph. One thing in Hero Honda bikes that stands out when compared with other makes, is the difference in the Mileage when Average speed increases.

What I meant to say is that, although it is a common notion that Mileage decreases as Speed increases, that decrease is extremely significant when it comes to a Hero Honda bike.

When we tested Pro for mileage we couldn’t go over 70kmph (even 70kmph was only possible as I was in the first row of signal stops a few times) in that heavy stop go traffic. The Average speed of that trip could well be below 30kmph.

So, add more speed to it and you’ll see a decrease in your mileage or have a pillion rider behind, and you should see a decrease in Mileage.

Essentially, if you drive aggressively, with jerky motion (either while upping or downing) the speed, you will get less mileage. On the other hand, if you maintain a smooth transition from high to low speed or vice versa, you will get great mileage.

So I’d say for most of the people on any normal working day, the mileage will be between 60-65kmph, which is significantly less than what Bajaj Discover 100cc gives.

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  1. hi I like pashion pro my new bike

  2. 95 kmpl
    Before first servicing my bike gave 95 kmpl after completion of all free services my bike gave 85kmpl. I maintained speed of 45-50kmph so i got that much mileage. I suggest you all, that you can buy this bike. This is according to my opinion.

    • Now how many km running completed your bike.

    • Guys passion Pro fully depends upon the Mechanics, i gave the bike to service in different showrooms each guys are bringing different mileage, check like that , the average is 65 kmpl, Nothing to do with the Bike, fully depends upon the mechanics.

  3. I like passion x pro bile. This is a wonderful bike.

  4. Hi i am lucky
    I purchased passion pro in 2010 its mileage is only 40kms per liter.

  5. Hey friends, I got Hero Passion Pro on nov 14 2012. According to the mileage calculation, the bike ran 168 Km on fuel of 2.48 litre which means the mileage is 67 Km/litre.

  6. samsani rangarao

    Passion pro is wonderful bike.

  7. Tu to tvs luna hi chalayega.

  8. Nice bike gives mileage 75 kmpl.

  9. What is better bike in Honda dream yuga or Hero passion pro please select.

  10. I bought hero honda passion pro in Jan
    2010 and I have completed all the
    services, now it gives the mileage of
    45KMs Per litre. Poor pick up I don’t understand this.
    Very very disappointing.
    I would suggest for a middle class man this is not suitable bike looking at the mileage.

  11. Gets mileage 85kmpl.

  12. Passion is best bike.

  13. Hi
    Actually I want to buy a passion pro. I need good mileage. So will you help me for this?

    • Sanjitkumar Verma

      I have this bike. My father make the use of this bike for the official purpose. Daily up-down it gives good satisfaction to my father. I & all my family take the proper care of our bikes 70-80 km per running is there. Time 2 time giving proper service will give your bike good heath & satisfaction. According to my opinion all bikes are good but it depends on you how you keep them. My bike average is still 75 to 80 km. Monthly fuel consumption is till 2500/- to 3000/-. It depends upon your usage.

  14. Hi friends I have purchased Passion Pro APDV in Jan 2012, its really good bike.
    average 65 kmpl in navi mumbai heavy traffic.

  15. HI Friends, i have passion pro, its nice bike. If we drive at 40-45KMPH then it will give average upto 75 kmpl and if we drive at more speed then its average decreases. Mileage depend upon our bike speed and the place where you drive your bike.
    All over its nice bike and maintenance free bike. I love it.

  16. I’m confused.

  17. Mumbai User of Passion pro NEW 97cc not good & spares are not strong

  18. I purchased Passion Pro in April 2012, but average Up to 55 Km/per ltr
    how improve this? plz help in this….

    • hey
      1. control your speed and less gear shifts.
      2. less load and proper eng oil, servicing in 3 months with Hero Honda center
      3. don’t go over 70 kmpl for pics.

      Apply this you will see that average will go above the 10 kmpl.

      Trust me i am mechanical engineer and i also use this bike and it give me up to 70 kmpl.

  19. passion pro is nice getting more than 70 km per lts

  20. Shailesh hatwar

    Hii me shailesh i have passion pro and average is 55-60. Its good and not heavy and stylish also its not for long drive. That’s my opinion.

  21. hai friends i am sarathy i bought a passion pro bike on aug 5 2011. i finished all free service. I am working in a marketing field. Daily i will go 200 to 300 KM per day. I will drive 80 to 90 kmph speed but my bike still the gives 70km per litre. I will change my bike oil very regularly.

  22. i want to buy a new bike rather my first bike, i am just going though the different bikes. My expectation is to get a good look with maximum mileage. My budget is not more than Rs 65,000/- only. I went through the passion pro where i found 95 % of the customer is facing a low mileage problem. If this is the case i wont go for hero honda passion pro. So could you please suggest me a bike with good mileage thanks all will be waiting for reply.

  23. hi i am musa
    i purchase passion pro in 2010 its meileage is only 50kms per liter

  24. i want to buy a new bike rather my first bike, just going though the different bikes. My expectation is to get a good look with maximum mileage. My budget is not more than Rs 65,000 /- only. I went through the passion pro where i found 95 % of the customer is facing a low mileage problem. If this is the case i wont go for hero honda passion pro. So could you please suggest me a bike with good mileage……thanks all will be waiting for reply.

  25. Balagangadharan

    I bought a passion pro today and i read these foolish messages. One is contradictory to others. What a use of these blog? I lost my mood. So don’t read such this.

    • Reading these comments should tell you that not all passion pro bikes’ get the promised mileage. It could be a problem with the bike itself or a problem with the driving style of the rider.
      Instead of getting dejected, you should instead take what ever possible tips mentioned here, since you have already made the purchase. Best of luck.

  26. worst hero bike ever

  27. i want to buy one passion pro bike… plz tell me this bike is good or bad.. because i want good mileage bike

  28. I bought hero honda passion pro in Feb 2011 and I have completed all the services, now it gives the mileage of 35KMs Per litre. I don’t understand this. Very very disappointing.
    I would suggest for a middle class man this is not suitable bike looking at the mileage.

  29. My self NC Patil. I have purchase Passion pro bike (black red colour) in 26 Feb 2012 for looking purpose bike is very good. I was accepting 60 to 70 but its mileage is 48 km per liter with speed around 60 till i have completed 2 free services. I have purchase these bike with lot of expectation but it is not true for me. So friend please tell me the mileage is growing or not …..

  30. hi friends i purchase passion pro bike b4 11 month and my bike average is 40 kmpl from start to till date and i was told to service centre my problem and he said after 3 rd servicing your average will increasing but i am facing the same problem plz tell me what i do.

  31. I have a passion pro bike but it give only 30-32 average per ltr.
    I think it is not good bike as popular…don’t purchase it. I am suffering day by day after purchased it. I will not recommend it (Passion Pro Bike) for another persons.

  32. passion pro Mileage is very very poor my bike avg is 45 kmpl

  33. Hi guys, Am also facing the same mileage problem, It gives only 45km/ltr, Also very poor pick up….

  34. joseph john Bangalore

    hi friends I have one passion pro 2011 march model , now mileage is 37/km
    pls don’t take passion pro its my request

  35. I have a passion pro bike but it give only 30-32 average per ltr.
    I think it is not good bike as popular…don’t purchase it

    • Dude, if it seriously giving that low, then clearly there’s some problem with YOUR bike, not ALL passion pro bikes. Get it checked first.

  36. hay i am sagar from pune (maharashatra) my passion pro new gives 85kmpl mileage.

  37. Hey, it gives 75+ km/lt for me. I love my PASSION PRO.

  38. Hi
    I purchased passion pro on 2011 August I have completed 3 service but still I get 50 to 55 mileage .Its problem is we won’t get expected mileage but still its good bike and I like color it is really nice, I request to hero company, henceforth they are make 70 to 80 kmph mileage give passion pro bike.

  39. Friends mera passion pro pagal ho gaya hai
    khana kam khane laga hai
    68 KM/L ka milage de raha hai
    desh dhaDkan hero honda, meri dhaDkan bachaye huye hai

  40. S.Harihara krishnan

    All are very lucky Guys. I am having the same passion pro. I am living in Chennai . but I am getting only 35 kms per liter

  41. Hi guys this is my personal experience with bikes when u get low mileage what u should do is, go to the mechanic near to u ask him to solve the problem of mileage, what he should do is he will start the bike and will take a screw driver then he will open the tool box of your passion pro or splendor pro, there u can find a hole in tool box which will be hidden with a rubber which can be removed with hand. He will rotate it slightly very slightly. Then he will ask u to check the mileage and come again. So keep checking the mileage and if u don’t get good then again visit ur local mechanic then he again repeat the same tuning step. Keep trying it until u get a good mileage. And he should not charge u more than 10-20 rupees. And note one more thing when ever u want to check the mileage, completely empty the petrol tank. Fill 500 ml means half ltr petrol. then check the mileage. By keeping spare petrol bottle in ur bag. This is the best way to check the mileage. So i who so ever has this problem of low millage. follow my steps so definitely there will be success. This is my personal experience so. The whole millage of ur bike depends on 2 screws. keep trying it. Thanks for reading my experience.

  42. i have new passion pro

  43. I bought passion pro in feb-2011 and in eight month 4 servicing was completed but till i can’t get the average more than 45kmpl. (average range in between 40-45) so please suggest me. and my riding speed is not more than 50km/h

  44. Hai friends ,
    pro bike is good but Mileage is very very poor….

  45. Hi i purchased passion pro on 2011 jan i have completed 5 service but still i get 45 to 50 milege .Its problem is we wont get expected mileage but still its good bike

  46. hi guys maine 17 October 2011 ko new bike hero honda passion pro lee hai New Bike Lete Samay mujhe average bataya tha Ki 60-65kmpl Ka to degi , Magar AAj tak to isne 48-52 se Jyada Ka Average Nahi Diya Hai,
    please Help Me what i do
    Riyaj Khan, Jaipur

  47. passion pro bike bahut bekar hay mileage 45-to-50 km par liter after one year.
    yea bevkuf bena rehay hay customer ko

  48. Mr.digvijaysinh chavda

    i purchased new passion pro bike in month of Apr.2011. Initially it was giving good mileage but after 3rd service it just giving only 55 km/l.What i will do for better improvement for the same? Reply soon.

  49. junesh I am getting only 47kmper litre for passion pro. Now 3service is completed. Plz tell me what take action for getting more mileage.

  50. satish milind kale mady

    I had purchased a bike on july 2011.It is not giving me much average now i was accepting 60 to 70 but it gives only 45 to 50.
    plz tell me the goood milege…
    krupaya mujhe bataye ki main apne gadi ka milege kaise badhau…. aur
    mere bike dekhakar mere dost ne bhi li hai our uska bhi yahi haal hai…

  51. i am G.p Gautam . i suggest passion pro bike is very good .nd my bike mileage is70-72/per ltr. so everybody people purchase this passion pro bike.
    Reason-i was purchased 1st launching bike hero honda passion pro.

    so any query contact me-9460867828
    des ki dhadkan dhah dhak

  52. guys those r not getting good mileage in their passion pro i personally recommend to the mayapuri singla service center(delhi ).bcoz they r only who can solve this problem.i m also having passion pro 2010 june which was not giving more than 25kmpl.but after going ther my bike gives 60kmpl with pillion.otherwise on single rider it gives me 65kmpl.its a very good bike .

  53. i am purchased passion bike problem is mileage 1st servicing 70 2nd servicing 55 and 3rd servicing to improve my mileage.

  54. hi
    friends i have also taken a new passion pro but problem about mileage is very low she gives me only 48km/lit and about petrol is rising day by day . desh ki dhadkan toh dhoka deti hai………….

  55. How can we get the better average of Passion Pro Bike 2010 Model.

    Pls tell me anybody

  56. I am using Passion Plus -Hero Honda 2004 for last 7 year i had used authorized service center for service. I want to how can i ensure that they are changing the spares correctly and giving me better service.

  57. i wanted passion pro bike to be purchased .after reading negative comments i have a second thought for honda shine pl advise

  58. As per my experience , i suggest that don’t buy passion pro bike .
    Which is not giving average mileage atleast 45Km.

    Please go for another and save money.


  60. Best bike go for it. best resell value if yr bike gives bad average then go to hero honda showroom or a top class mechanic and adjust yr carburetor for best average.

  61. I am getting only 60kmpl Mileage for passion pro bike in delhi. how to improve mileage? My free services are all finished

  62. Hi friends
    what about new glamour

  63. i purchased passion pro in jan2010. Initially i was getting mileage of 70. But after second service I am getting a mileage of 35/k.m. I tried to improve it through authorized dealers, but of no use.So never go for passion pro.

  64. Hi…Friends.I brought passion pro bike.I cant know millage .pl tell how i know.

  65. Dear Gorgeous!
    I purchased Passion Pro Bike in Feb 2011, in initial period it was giving 75 kmpl on normal road riding,after 4 free services it gives just 55 kmpl.plz give me clarification

  66. Hi dear,
    I had purchased a passion pro in Jul 2009 from singhla automobile,. There was clutch problem in 1st servicing. I reported this problem but they blamed that riding is not good again on 2nd servicing they changed the clutch plate. till today I have changed 3 clutch plate with pressure plate.The mileage is 40-45 Kmpl at the speed of 40-45. So I suggest plez don’t buy such bike.

    • Sorry to tell you the same thing but more often than not, issues with Clutch plate (either for bike or car) are caused due to ill-informed driving style. Since you’ve changed the plate three times and you’re still facing the issue, it’s more or less clear that there’s something wrong at your end.
      Try reducing your usage of accelerator when clutch in engaged.

  67. Hi. .
    My self Ganesh.I have purchase passion pro bike(black and grey colour) in feb 2011.for looking purpose bike is very good but its mileage is 48km per lit with speed around 50 till i have completed 2 free services. I have purchase these bike with lot of expectation but it is not true for friend plz tell the mileage is growing or not…

  68. we bought passion in 2001 since now it gives very good average on road above 55 and its graphics are very good .
    agar kisi bhai ko bike leni hain toh main toh yahi suggest karta hoon ki aap passion pro hi le
    and it is very wonderful bike .

  69. hello dear friends u want a good average bajaj discover is best bike hero honda bike average passion pro 50 60 is vary strong .

  70. I purchased a passion pro on 8th march 2011. and now after 3rd servicing it is giving mileage of just 55kmpl . My avg speed is 50-55 kmph in normal city road. Plz suggest me how to increase the mileage.

  71. hi friends i m confused plz tell me which bike should i buy?

  72. vasu morajkaar

    i brought a new passion pro on january 2010 it gives me a mileage of 50kmp/lt after i have done my 7th servicing it gives me a mileage of 60kmp/lt my suggestion is to buy this bike for a better mileage the problem in this bike s the vibration in the front n in the back side of seat at 80/90kmp it vibrates a lot, i have achieved a top speed of 100kmp/hr this bike is not smother in beginning but as it progress it gives a smother drive.

  73. vasu morajkaar

    Hi friends
    I brought passion pro on January 16 2010 it was smother n attractive in its alloy wheels it gives me a mileage of 50 to 55 before 1st service now it gives me 60km/l

  74. best bike forever

  75. I have read all the comments posted here and I have decided to take a PASSION PRO because as mentioned someone in the comments for each and every bike there might have some negatives.

    Thanks for all the Bike lovers.


  76. I think passion pro is better than the bajaj discover 100 cc bcz reselling of bike is better.

    That purpose I am take a new bike named Passion Pro Latest one 2011 (Red & Black Combination)

    Thanks to Hero Honda Company They are produced such bikes. And Introduce in Market in a unbeatable price.

    Prabhu kumar
    Sindhanur, Raichur, Karnataka

  77. go man just go for passion pro. the bike is good, and stands without an y problem for 2-3 years.
    and considering the mileage ,keep the speed constant.average with 55km/h.
    It will not only enhance ur speed but increase the average of ur bike

  78. hi friends passion pro is bakwaas mileage is 30 to 40 don’t purchase passion pro

  79. I’m Rajesh kumar so I want to purchase new bike Passion Pro.
    Plz….Friend tell me it’s good or Not….Because i Need to bike.
    If your ans. no so plz… tell me what’s the purchase bike me

  80. I had purchased a bike on Jan 2011.It is not giving me much average now i was accepting 60 to 70 but it gives only 45 to 50.

  81. my passion pro bike mileage is 110kmpl. do i get any offers from hero honda company

  82. shrikant. hodalure

    Hi All,
    how increase for hero honda passion pro near about 70 kmpl

  83. on February 2011 i bought my bike how to maintain hero honda passion pro bike…. when i should give the bike for service… and how to increase the mileage

  84. I have purchase Hero Honda bike Passion Pro, its mileage is currently 45 KM per Litre, Pl. suggest me it mileage will be increase or not if it will get increase how long time it will take

  85. i am looking for good bike

    comfirt and good mileage ple suggest good bike
    i am also like passion pro and honda shine

    i am in chennai

  86. Sshrikant Hodalure

    I have purchased the Passion Pro(APDV Power Start) in last year(24th Apr 2010) and I am not getting the Mileage what was expected as per the company Mileage so I need the help on same as today I am getting around 50 Mileage

  87. hello friend i have hero honda passion pro my bike gives me mileage 35
    6 months ago i purchased passion pro.

  88. khandu Pandurang Katkemod

    3 months ago i purchased passion pro. in red colour .but my bike give Mileage only 50 km.what can i do for better Mileage . please give me some advise.

  89. i want to purchase bike with average ( honda shine or passion pro ) but by looking this feedback i am confused PLZ give me advice urgent

  90. I want to buy Hero honda passion pro, whats its mileage, is this a self start bike or smooth on road.

  91. hero honda company ko ye msg hai ki wo log ke sath wiswash gath kar raha hai. Batate hai ki 70 ki avarge degi lekin esa bilkul nahi ota .
    mera bhi plan tha ki me New Passion Pro lu. lekin logo ke comments se pata lagta hai ki ab milage ke mamle me ye to Bell gadhi se bhi kam hai to ab mene apna plan change kar diya. kyu ke mughe 7 bike lene thi . Thanks all memeber.

  92. hi,friend passion pro is strong and good looking bike.but it mileage not good.its your luck if ur passion pro give mileage above to 60 kmpl.

    • not like that herohonda bikes gives more mileage, any way if you are getting 55-60 kmpl in city then definetly your bike is giving good mileage according to the traffic

  93. 3 months ago i purchased passion pro. in red colour .but my bike give Mileage only 50 km.what can i do for better Mileage . please give me some advise.

    • after first three servicing completed you bikes mileage may increase as engine piston and all get loosed and free movement

  94. hi friends i have a hero honda passion pro i got a mileage about 40 on the speed of 60 to 80, but when i drive a bike on 40 to 45 speed i got mileage of 60 to 70…………

  95. what the range of passion pro in kanpur , fatehpur ,banaras please send me the total cast all docment complet hone ke bad

  96. Please tall me whether i should go for passion pro or splendor +

    suggest me

  97. I planned to buy a bike with modern look and better mileage. I have two choices in my mind.Hero Honda and Bajaj, which one is suitable for my requirement?

  98. I am planning to go for hero honda bikes 100 cc..Can u suggest me which one is good in terms of mileage and comfort.. previously i used splendor very good bike given mil at an avg of 65kms for more that 10 yrs..

  99. I have booked to Herohonda passion pro bike,pls tell bike details(mileage,cc,extra,,,,,,)

    kindly send the details my personal email id(

    • Hi.. Frenz i purchased passion pro on 1st sep2010:) first i was very happy wit my bike:) it gave me around 70kmpl while i used to drive in 90kmph, wen third service came, suddenly a average was oly 47kmpl, so i gave my bike so service+oil change. Again it gave me same 47:) so i thought to buy honda unicorn, at tat time my frend suggested me to tune the bike:) wen my bike was tuned again it gave me 70kmpl wen i drive in 45kmph. N 65kmpl-55kmpl. N 50kmpl-70kmph. So i came to no tat this bike is not made for mileage if we drive above 70kmph. Now i used to drive in oly 45kmph which gives 70kmpl:-):-) to maintain the petrol rates:) 70rs per litre:) therefore my bike will take 1rs for 1km… If u want average of 50kmpl n want a better pickup. Go for honda unicorn:) my frend have purchased it:) in tat bike:) he have reached 120kmph tat too triples in bike:) then too it has gave 50kmpl oly:) superb bike for pickup n constant mileage:) n its engine doesn’t cause any problem for 5 to 6yrs:) so i m thinking to purchase unicorn after some yrs:) thank u:)

  100. hi i am yunus from kuwait.

    i am desired to buy passion pro.can some expert say about this bike and give me which colour is good…pls give the avg mileage too will be thankful to all true….
    my email id demoyunus at

  101. shashi singh hazaribagh


  102. syed liyaqath ali

    meri bike pasion pro ka mileage 46 km hai jab ke company ka 70 hai kya yeh dhik hai

    • meri bike bhi yahi average deti hai par mene suna hai ki 4 service ke baad average me sudhar hoga.par aisa nahi hua toh bike hi change kar lena.

  103. i purchased a 2006 model passion plus. I put a fuel of 60 Rs once the bike actually fell in reserve and my riding speed is in economy range as in meter. I got mileage only 20 km. What can be the fault. I find slight oil leak. Maybe after oil change oil seal must have been damaged. Please advice what should i do. How to actually check the mileage of this bike.. I am worried if i have been cheated. But i am sure the engine is good as sounds good and i recently did emission and found level’s low. Or have i been cheated by a petrol pump fellow.

    • sir plz try to avoid passion pro bikes chain socket problems…

    • may be the petrol pump guy cheated you. herohonda bikes wont let down your mileage below 40kmpl. as the condition of your bike is worst also. so once again check the right fuel and right measurement and once again try

  104. Sir i hav taken passion pro before 2 month am getting only 45kmpl wat to do?

    • give your bike time time maintance and use honda oil keep checking of original parts always time 2 time. chek your bike health after every 7 days. give your bike to a service showroom from where you have taken your bike. Or best way use your bike user manual.

  105. i am getting only 47 kmpl mileage with my passion pro bike.
    how to increase my mileage

    • Dear shiva ,

      I am not surprised that u get only 47 kmpl because few month ago i was getting only 40 kmpl but when i ride my passion plus on speed 40-45 iam surprised that i got 60 kmpl that means if u ride your bike between speed of 40-45 you will get better mileage for sure .

      if you have want more query mail me at niktarun at


  106. i have hero honda passion pro whose average is only 45-50 km/ltr..
    what is this

  107. Dear sir,
    I am going to purchase an new passion pro power start, can u tell me , what is the mileage of this bike & who is better passion pro or Discover 100cc dtsi.
    plz reply.

  108. 27 may 2010 ko passion pro liya abhi 3700 km. run kiya hai. 1st sevi. ke bad bike 50 speed ke bad jhatka deta hai . 50 speed se jyada nahi chalta hai. ples. sugeest ki me kya karu.
    mileage to acxhha deta hai .

    • something wrong with your filter…because this is only reason for this problem..fuel is not regularly catch by it that’s why its happened

    • Hello i am purchasing a passion pro bike from delhi showroom but mileage ke mamle men bike 4o ki average bari mushkil se deti hai kya bike ke engine me problem hai abhi 1st servicing hi hui hai kya mai intjar karoo ya kort me jau.

      • dushyant bhai,

        ek baat batao kya tum bike 50-80 km ki speed se chalaate ho to mileage bhul jao agar mileage chahiye to bike ko 40-45 ki speed main chalao tumhe 60 ya 60 se jyada mileage milega

        niktarun at

  109. Hi, I want to purchase a new button start bike as like HERO/HEROHONDA OR BAJAJ DISCOVER. But I am confused about which bike is best for mileage as well as. Plz. give me a right choice.

  110. bhai muje 55 thousand me achie bike chahiye mene 2 bike select ki hai (1)s hero honda passion pro (2) is bajaj discover 150cc konsi bike aachie rahegi

  111. hi,
    sir my bike passion pro have a problem. it gave avg. 40(mileage). I purchase this bike 10 days before my bike gave me a bad result about avg. so please tell me, what can i do?
    but my bike did not gave me a good result.
    please tell

  112. I am planning to purchase a bike. I am confused between hero honda passion pro or i should go for discover 150cc.

    Please suggest.

    • u should purchace discover

    • dont go for discover..because bajaj brand is only for 2-3 years…after that its like garbage…but hero honda brand is used atleast 10 years without any problem in engine…ya, mileage is less as compare to bajaj…but its strong vehicle

      • kya yaar bajaj bejeetti kyou kar raho tume pata hai maine 07 -01-2011 me karizma ZMR BUY KARI AVEARAGE ME DUMP KAR GAYI PHIR MAINE PULSAR 220 BUY KARI Woooo
        baja acchi hai bajaj buy karo


    • discover is best….becouse i am passion pro owner….

      • i want to buy Honda shine or passion pro.i will confused to choose.which one give more mileage.please reply me

        • honda shine is the best bike of india . 1 second bhi sochne ki jarutat nahi hain.
          aap test driver karo . ek baar jisane yeh bike purchess ki hain usne dushrai bike per bhrosha nahi kiya .mushe 1 year huwa hain, milage 65 to 70 .speed 45 average.

  113. hi I buy passion pro at march 2010……….. it give average 70km…… but it have some problem
    that’s……………………….. kick start problem as first days and its power is not so good………..

  114. east or west splendor plus is the best.only splendor is one of largest selling bike in india even in world.i m using this bike frm my childhood time .it comfortable mileage look all awesome i sugest all bike lover if u Want to purchase 100 cc bike so go 4 it

  115. Hi,
    i purchace passion pro bike before 8 months. I am having battery problem (i.e. self start is not working properly). when i am going to servicing that time due to running of half hour bikes self start is working properly & shows no problem, but after 2-3 hrs same problem arries. What i will do?
    Please tell me how to improve my bike average, now i am getting 45-50 kmpl.

  116. hi, i purchased passion pro on 15th, i am surprise that my bike is giving a mileage of 70 kmpl without any servicing, and my dealer is telling that after 2 servicing it will increase 10kmpl, i am so happy with this bike, and i tell u that every bikes having some negative and positive thing but this bike best in this range in the term of mileage or looks or strength or resale value, u can contact me on 9391297502

    • hey im thinking to buy passion pro …can u tell me did this bike got any problem …and tell some features abt this pls

  117. hi,
    sir my bike pro have a problem. it gave avg. 45. I purchase this bike before 10 days and it gave me a bad result about avg. so please tell me, what can i do?
    my one free service was done but my bike did not gave me a good result.
    please tell

    • hi i work for hero honda , in my exp hero honda will give proper mileage only after 8000 km so be patient .definitely you will get 60-65 + millage in case of passion pro

    • first you must check up for petrol. i m also have a passion pro they will gave 80 per liters. first time they will 45 per lts. and you must go 40km speed only. you got good result up to 2000 km


    • Hi guys i bought a passion pro bike on sep 2012. I will change the oil every month. Now my bike gives 70 kmpl. I am happy with that bike.

  119. H! Sriraj,
    I` d Purchased Passion Pro on 2 nov 2010. i choosed that bike only for average & Better looks than discover , But i`m sad as i am getting average of 40kmpl even i dont cross 50 kmph at top gear also there is oil leakge in engine. Also the PDI was not done of the bike had sracth on the upper side part of headlight bu i ignored it.

    What i did
    I`d gone to work shop for reapairing fo oil leakage they repaired it but next day it again started oil leakege. Apart from that i asked him for average, he said me that it will increase after 1st service thats its true but 40 kmpl `s average is not done it has just passed 7 days after purchasing this bike. This is my first bike with very hard income please suggest me what to do in this case.
    As i m regular reader of your article This is my humble request to you. Please Reply Immediately After Seeing the comment OR you can also mail me @ ( for the same .
    Thanks in Advance

  120. Can I Buy A Pro? it Is A Gud Byke Pls Tell Me Abt That Byke


    P.Deva Raj

  121. i have a passion pro red colour 2009 .comfort is not so good .milage is just about 45 .power is very less.through us out when passing humps.not so strong.altogether not satisfied with this model.sujjest all to pay wisely.

  122. i am booking in passion pro bike this bike give mileage or not not pls send any one reply(how many km per lliter give in this bike)

  123. hi, “Hero Honda walo” Passon Pro is superb bike, are Hero Honda hai Yaaro but i want
    “HERO HONDA ACHIVER” if you can re launch so, pls contact on 9971982024 or my mail

  124. Hi Guys If U beleve or not I m Getting of mileage 107 kmpl

  125. its a very good bike ya i not see any bike like this my bike is 2010 model and also i riding minimum of 45 and maximum of 60km only i got mileage of 55-60 only.

  126. hello sir,
    main new bike lene ki soch raha hoon. passion pro muje sahi lagi but logo se iske milege k review sahi nahi mil rahe h
    kya karna chahiye,which bike is better hh plus or pro

  127. Passion Pro is the best bike

  128. hi boss, what is this there are differerant opinions on this bike.

    i want to buy this bike, but after seeing above comment i dropped from this thought.

    so can i buy cbz bike. i think look will be there

  129. Mahesh Waghchaure

    I have purchase the passion pro bikes. it gives 65 kgpl average with 40 to 45 kgph.

  130. hero honda me tej light kiska hai, aur avg

  131. Passion plus ka production fir se shuru kar do……

  132. i want ia bike please suggest me passion pro or discover 150cc. what is mileage in both
    urgent call or mail. 9452626679

  133. I want to buy a byke of hero honda please suggest me to purchase best milage & low maintenance colst byke.

  134. hi to every one passion pro is a good bike we i go in 40 to 4 speed i got the mileage abt 80 really i got according to my knowledge if u go in less speed u will get more mileage

  135. hey friends
    can u suggest me about passion pro milage & its self start related problem

    • i am bhavusab suranje from belgum i buy passion pro byk in diwali but it not good byk bz it gives only 40 kmpl so i cant satisfied.i travel daily 68km but traveling with byk is not adjust with my income so plz give suggest for me also i vary sad with hero honda

      • hey buddy you should ride your bike with minimum speed 50 to 55 then it is poss you to get maximum average on your bike or else maintain ur bike in after every 800 km with oil change and tuning you will surely get average arnd 55-60 kmpl your daily 68 km driving and complete your 800 km in 15 days remember accordingly and keep ignition low as original with low race i mean don,t accelarate more in traffic and highway

        thank you

        nilesh sawant

  136. Which bike among hero honda passion pro or passion plus will give mileage more than 60 km per litre

  137. Hai
    I am Anbu Good mileage bike passion pro.60-65 km it is good bike i like the bike passion pro

  138. The new 2010 version of Passion Pro’s engine is making lot of noise which is quite irritating. Due to a change in silencer design, engine noise has gone up and is like a diesel auto. HH should look into this.

  139. which is the good milege bike, and good baged i am parches the new bike plz tail me any ideas.&which bike i parches soal my problem.thans

  140. himanshu kasliwal

    passion pro&splender mai se kon si bike faide mand hai

  141. Hey Firend how r u………
    I’m Rajesh kumar so I want to purchase new bike Passion Pro.
    Plz….Firend tell me it’s good or Not….Becouse i Need to bike.
    If your ans. no so plz… tell me what’s the purchase bike me

  142. i purchased passion pro on milage 4o kmpl. without start on chock

  143. I purchased the passion pro bike on 13-sep-2010,Without using the choke and without raising for at least 5mts,it wouldn’t run properly,So i wanna file a suite in consumer forum because of the defect in passion pro,Last but least complaint milage is abnormal it is giving not more than 5o kms per liter at the speed of 4.-50kms.


  144. mujhe passion pro disc break me lena hai patna mil nahi raha hai to kya kare

  145. i want to buy passio pro bike so i want full details of this bike and price of this bike
    its look like good i could not know about this advantages & dis advantages

  146. Please don’t go for “Passion Pro”. Because it’s engine speciefication in very poor quality.
    1. low rpm
    2. making over noise
    3. high mentenance of chain sprokets
    4. self start problem
    5. low powered engine lighter than passion plus.
    6. harder sockobserver, poor comfort
    7. short handle, poor handling on pilion rider
    8. poor quality fibres
    Don’t go for it, Plaese… … … …

  147. hero honda passion is good for riding

  148. passon pro is a worest bike in the world doant buy it

  149. where is the comparison between discover& passion pro

  150. are bhai pro ko bandh karo pasia barbad ho rahe logo ke ok.

  151. wants to buy only and only passion pro bike with old looks. if u have this model then contact me at

    09996328289 IMMEDIATELY

    i will be awaiting for your call or mail

  152. Sir Hami Passion Pro Finance karani hi pls mehra help karo

    Mobile:9999 650 880

  153. muja ak high millage ke bike lena he jo lok me bhi achi ho please sugestion do

  154. Hi,i just want 2 buy a bike but im confused which bike i should buy splender,passion,pulsar or unicorn pls mail me at

  155. Pawan Kumar Sharma

    Sir Hami Passion Pro Fanince karani hi pls mehra help karo

  156. Sir-i am baik pro meri gadi ko abhi 5 mahine huye hai our filal usme sab kuch thik hai pro me kya self problem hai kya meri pession pro me kabhi kabhi self me problam aa rahi hai iska mileg 55+65 hai @vinod patidar 9981986499

  157. Passion pro Engine starts cracking after 10000 kms.
    This bike has a serious manufacturing defect. Please do not opt for this bike.

  158. Hero Honda said that Passion pro gives 71 Avg & Pulsar 135Ls gives around 55Avg. No doubt that pulsar looks hotter than PP but Mileage is the main concern i`m planning to buy bike next month which 1 i should go for.

    Required expert comments.


  159. Hi I am Chandan Dey. Jamshedpur I want to hero honda Bikes Rates in 2010 9931312368

  160. hi Dear
    in the year 2004 sep i take passion plus i used more them 1,19,000km it is very good bike with 55kmpl in the year 2010 feb i replace with pro it is also good but new bike also giving 50 kmpl only

  161. hi All,

    Iam planning to buy a passion pro bike .
    Please suggest me whether I could buy this bike.Also let me know the price details and mileage details.


  162. plz tell me that how mileage can be 100 percent given by the passion pro in city?

  163. Recently I’m going to buy a cbz extrem.Will you please tell me the actual milage on city road of kolkata..?

  164. Hi,
    Guys I bought a new passion pro 12th August 2010, color is black with red it is looking very good. now i am facing problem in mileage (average milease is 38km/lit> I am using
    speed <50km any time but i got poor mileage Pls tell me any body how to increase mileage in my bike.

    • Wait a bit more, 12 days isn’t enough for its engine to get used to your road conditions.
      You should start to worry about Mileage only once your Bike clocks around 800-1000 kms.

  165. i want purchase new hero honda passion pro please tell about average.

    • Its average is very poor according to the cc of bike. We choose a 100 cc bike for better average but passion pro is very bad for that, it gives the average of about 50kmpl

    • never buy a passion pro its a worst bike i had ever seen in my life.
      the main problem is in the average giving only 35 average.the main problem is in the manufacturing.four months before i buy this bike and today i sold it.dont buy it

  166. passion pro bike is wonderful mileage 70km 1 year

    • you sure passion pro give 70km? pleas give me your phone no

      • Dont ask for phone number. what u will do by taking phone number , just – check & follow your maintenance schedule , your driving habit. It is 100 CC bike , u should get between 60 to 70 km/ltr,

  167. Hi,

    i would like to buy a bike which gives average mileage is 60+. which bike you would suggest me to buy……

  168. hiee,

    I know teh details of Passion pro Mak Wheel. wheather it is right choice or not. And wats is the average of the bike.

  169. Sir,i want to purchase byk who gives us 60+ please tell me in hero honda.

    • passion pro will be met your expectations…….. you can buy it without any confusion. because it got more sales since 5 years and most of the people who has been using passion pro given comments on this bike in possible way. hence you can choose “HERO HONDA PASSION PRO”

  170. hi,
    i m Sandip from Kolkata. I wana purchase a new bike ,my budget is fifty thousand to fifty two
    which is the best in mileage.
    plz suggest me

  171. i am getting only 31kmpl mileage.with my passion pro bike.&
    i have lots of other problems in this bike .
    i request to (HERO HONDA) don’t ever launch any bikes like passion pro…

  172. hello ,
    i want hero honda passion plus byke,
    any one for sale,
    plz contact me,
    reply soon,

  173. Sir,
    I bought Hero Honda Passion Pro bike in the month of April,2010 with high expectations. So far two free services have been completed, but still I am getting the mileage of 35kmpl. It is HIGHLY REGRETTED. Company people says that the average mileage of Passion Pro is 71kmpl duly considering some specifications. Though, I am considering all those specifications, I’m not getting even 40kmpl. Kindly suggest remedy or other wise I have to dispse my bike


  174. hiii
    i m Deepak f4m Udaipur. I wana purchase new bike my option is Cd-Deluxe and Passion Pro
    which is the best one in mileage.
    plz suggest me


  175. Respected Sir
    Please solved the my problem . i need of bike my budget is fifty thousand to fifty two thousand . i am like to hero honda passion plus bike. but comment is old customer it bike is millage is very poor. please suzest to milage my mobile no 9852611411 , and my email rrchaibasa my need to average millage 60 to 70 k.m P/L .please suzest this problem .

  176. Hi All,

    Iam looking for Good honda splender or passion or shine,If any one planning to sell,Please reach me @9585922395


    • I am using hero honda splender plus last 1 and half year. blake , alloy wheel 15500km running till date contecteme. 9876965500.

  177. i will go for it his tuesday

  178. Hi Every one,,

    This is sithik S from chennai,, i bought a bike past one month before, when i was ride on whether long distance or shortest distance, i feel it will move very smoothly i like so much,, mileage it gave me 60-65,,,, i have a latest model bike… the tail was some different compare than old passion… that’s good looking .. I thank to Hero Honda people ………
    Thanks & Regards

  179. the bke is very good in style. but mileage very poor. i am getting 30 km per litre average. and hero honda is compromising in quality. the rear tire is so slim that it often feels the risk of sleeping while taking turn.

  180. Hi,
    I am Santosh from Delhi. Main bike lene ke planing kar raha hoon aur mera Budget 50 to 52 tak hai. Pls koi mujhe suggest karey ki main kaoun se bike lu.
    Mujhe HH Passion Pro pasand hai but kuch log boltey hai ki Passion Pro Ka Millage thik nahi hai. Mujhe kam se kam 60+ Millage ki Bike chaheye. Aur Main Bajaj ki koi bhi Bikes nahi lena chahta…I hate Bajaj Bikes…..


    • Hi Santosh,
      If you r planning to buy a bike, u just see the maintanence and oil both. I recently bought a Passion Pro giving 50 millage at starting after 3 servicing I am getting 60-65 millage. So I am sure I prefer to suggest the same. Further as you desire.

      At begining I was driving more speed i.e 60-70KM/H and result was that the millage of my bike was below 50. So If you keep speed in average you will get good millage.

      Have a nice day


      • Very True…..same happened with me initially i used to have speed 60+…which resulted in low avg(near to 50kmph)…but when i started driving in between 40-50 avg shoots up to 55-60 kmph…its better for offgoers which saves money…..also i would like to add with a pillion rider the avg comes down drastically………..So if u planning to buy it for single rider then its good……

    • to tum apne liye apache rtr 160cc lelo na, ye mileage b achchha dega aur price b jyada nai hai.

    • aap hero honda splender plus lo 70+ ki avreage hai

  181. Sir My name is yugandhar.Mybike passion free services all completed.iam gatting mileang48 only why hero honda is abiggeast company.Every year selling somany bicks but mileang to poor please slove my mileage problam.

  182. it is good in style but mileage is so poor

  183. hero honda passion pro is a good bike.but which i am getting in my passion pro is 49.3 services is COMPLETED for my bike .still Mileage is is not improved.i don’t know what to do.

  184. man i am just getting an average if 30 lit. i am very disappointed.
    I complained for so many times but no response.
    There are lot of other problems .
    I feel really hurt with this bike

  185. passion pro is wonderful bike

  186. Rama Krishna Naidu

    sorry.I purchashed passsion pro 7 months back.It was just giving mileage of just 45 km/pl.

  187. new bike passion pro digital bike is so good styli cute bike
    but shru main meri bike only 50 ka mileage de rahi hain but not bad 3 service ke baad hi pata chalega main kese apno bike ka mileage bad saku plz.. tell me
    my name is shashikant my no; is +919910349468

  188. I am getting only 60kmpl Mileage for passion pro bike in delhi. how to improve mileage? My free services are all finished

  189. hero honda passion pro is the wonderful bike of india….

  190. hero honda passion is a wonderfull bike

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