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Micro VBB advanced car security system review

You may have seen or heard about the Immobilizer in cars. If you have purchased your car of late, your car should have it pre-installed. For people in India, this is famously introduced my Maruti as iCATS (Intelligent computerized Anti-theft system). To explain in simple words on how it works, read along

The car has a central control unit which has a digital code installed in it and the key has a same code digitally installed in it. When the key is inserted in the ignition slot and turned, communication is made (digitally) between the key and the central control system to check whether the codes match or not. If matched, the car starts and if not, the engine will NOT start, or simple put, Immobilized.

If you don’t have this system in your car, it is high time that you have one. But stop, there’s even better system available for you.

Micro Technologies is a company that specializes in producing security related products and one of its products is the Micro Vehicle Black box.

Car-security-alarm-system One improvement in this system over the iCATS is that the system stops the  intruder at the door itself. After all, cars contain many valuable things like your  Audio/Video system, customized leather seats etc and you wouldn’t like them to be seen missing some day.

Micro VBB provides instant SMS alerts on forced door intrusions and has the option to immediately immobilize the car (by using a simple SMS). You can control your car from any where in the world and can track your vehicle through GSM based cell broadcast message.

You’ll have a web interface using which you can track every movement of your car through your computer and there by Arm/Disarm (lock/unlock) your car any time.

The economy version of this security system starts at only Rs.6999.

If you need further control on your car, you may choose the high end security product, Micro VBB Tracker which in addition to the above features has:

Vehicle tracking through GPS, Immediate alert on removal of Audio system, SOS message, Two way voice communication, find location of your car using the cell info display option etc.

This high end version costs Rs.16500.

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