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Maruti Swift performance and driving problems

Maruti swift as we all know is the market leader in its segment. People fall in love with it by its looks, its muscular power and its performance. However, there are some setbacks in this car too. These problems discussed below are compiled together from experiences of many Swift owners.

1.) The first problem that needs to be mentioned is the rattling problem that people buying Swift are worried about the most. I admit that there is a rattling noise in Swift and it’s not from a single place but from various interior parts of its body. The most profound noise comes from the front left door when the vehicle is on a move and can be clearly heard even when there is a music being played in the car. The electric windows (power windows) are said to be the cause for this noise and Maruti did replace some power windows. Another rattling sound comes from the driver side B pillar (the seat belt pillar) and a rattling sound emanates from inside the dashboard for some odd reasons. The plastics inside the car aren’t that of a quality which makes the noise even louder. And to be fair, rattling is not something that is exclusive to the Swift. With any car that does some mileage, some parts become lose and its natural for it to produce sound.

2.) Because of the rally look of the car, the suspensions are a bit too stiff (heavy) that makes an itchy noise when the car goes through potholes slowly.

3.) The common gear shift problem observed in all Maruti cars these days exists in this one too. People find it difficult to change the gears from 1st to 2nd and the reverse gear almost seems to go into the wrong groove every first time when applied. You have to undo the reverse gear and re-do it several times to get that shaft engaged properly, else it makes a loud cranky noise. But Swift owners say that this problem eases off as your car gets to tick some mileage (5000 kms or so).

4.) The shape of the car is bit odd on the sides and if you observe it by using your rear view mirrors (RVM’s) you find that the sides are not straight. The result, parking becomes a bit tricky especially if you use RVM’s exclusively. The rear Windscreen being very small adds to your difficulty even more.

5.) The paint finish of the car is too smooth and it is not something to be cheered for. A small hairline scratch also seems as if seen through a magnifier.

6.) Most owners agree (and it clearly shows in numbers) that the back seat is cramped compared to its Hyundai rival i20.

7.) Another issue is the A pillar obstructing the view of the driver during the right side turns. Although this issue prevails in every other car, due to a very broad looking A pillar in Swift it seems more profound. And if you have a complete black film (these are no more allowed; yay) to your windows, you can rest assure that you’re D day is on its way 😀

Having said all these, the bottom line is that, all swift owners feel very proud about their selection and unanimously agree that there is no better option in this category.

So you know which one to choose I guess.

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  1. Iam using my swift vxi for past 4 Years i have faced no problem in my vehicle if we drive with good acceleration in highways it can overtake any vehicle with good mileage.

  2. Can anyone please suggest what is the solution for the gear shift problems. This is really annoying me.

  3. I own a Maruti Swift Car Model No: KR4CS1 Swift LXI EURO-III, MRG Year 2005.
    The car recently met with a minor accident and was repaired in one Tee Dee Workshop at our Capital City, Thimphu. I brought the vehicle down to Gomtu a place close to Indian border to West Bengal (200 Km from Thimphu) and found that the workshop Mechanic working on my car has not put back the Air Cleaner Filter.
    Now, The Engine of the Car when being driven in Gear No. 1 & 2 gives a different noise similar to an engine of an Tractor.
    I am worried that something major could have happened to my car engine. Can you please advice me what to do? I will also be thankful if you could tell me if my car engine could be OK or Not?

    • If it is really a loud noise, then for sure there has been something wrong done during the service. And if you continue to drive the car with that sound, it’ll mostly get worse, to a point where it needs a major replacement like a gear box or where ever the problem is. So my advise is to get it ‘immediately’ checked by a maruti service station.

  4. Hi All
    I am able fix rattling noise from my swift car and found there was screw loose in the speaker fixed area. Pl try the same

  5. I am having 10 months old Swift diesel and left side front door area i am getting some noise and service people are not able to check the same.
    do you any one come across this issue?

  6. my swift is also having this rattling problem.for past 2 years

  7. swift is the best hatchbacks among its class….the new swift with k series engine actually rocks…great performance

  8. The best car that i have seen in this segment.Undoubtedly it cannot be matched with any other cars.

  9. The gear problem is a “feature” with Maruti vehicles. Even a 10 year old Maruti Alto will have the same gear problem from 1st to 2nd gear and reverse gear. So the problem will not “go away in time”. A new clutch will make it easier, but fundamental problem remains. Hopefully with upcoming competition they will work towards fixing it.

  10. exatlly the same problems I have in my car except the gear shifting maybe because my car is automatic.It is like you are describing my car for every thing you said.

  11. i am agreeing to above all statement
    car is only good for first look
    & those who need just a bulky car
    the body material & retardiated safty is not so good

  12. the exact problems of swift

  13. Krish Madireddy

    Exactly same issues i have identified for gear shifting now after my second service i didnt noticed any issue with gear shifting.
    “A pillar obstructing the view of the driver during the right side turns. Although this issue prevails in every other car, due to a very broad looking A pillar in Swift it seems more profound. And if you have a complete black film to your windows, you can rest assure that you’re D day is on its way ”
    Still i am facing this issue but no other go.. there is no better choice than this in my budget..

  14. I dont think swift is a wrong decision. it has good mileage and less maintenance compared to other rivals in this section.

  15. Exactly the points I was looking for. Thank brother..

  16. My swift too had this rattling prob for first 1 year. It was increasing as days go by but somehow it was gone after my 3rd free service.

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