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Maruti Suzuki Ritz Mileage

After letting my Ritz Vxi clock a few hundred miles, here is my review on its Mileage (or as some may call it ‘average’). Keep aside the claims of Maruti that the Ritz (petrol) has a best in class fuel efficiency of 17.7kmpl; I hardly reached 15.5kmpl in my 2230 kms of ride so far. That 17.7kmpl mileage given by Maruti is according to the ARAI test which is almost always more than what we get under actual conditions.

I stay in Hyderabad and drive about 55 kms every day with a scheduled weekend drive for a minimum of 200 kms.

If I drive normally in my style, which is being slightly aggressive on accelerator, Ritz gave me an average of 13.4kmpl. And when I drive more conservatively, just to check how much I can squeeze from this engine, with never crossing the speeds of 60 kmph (this is all in 5 week days, can’t image going at 60kmph on highways on a weekend), I managed to get 15.4 kmpl.

The Mileage was checked in the correct way by following the rule of ‘fill up completely – go on a ride and make the tank lighter – fill up completely again – calculate the mileage’.

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The city drive is mostly in stop go traffic, for which Hyderabad is so famous. So if you are from smaller cities or cities with lighter traffic, you may get a bit more mileage.

If you are wondering what mileage a Ritz Diesel gives, a friend of mine has bought a Ritz Vdi exactly on the same day as mine and says that he gets a minimum of 18.5kmpl all the time which is not that bad really.

Update: Its 3 years now and there’s a lot of difference between mileage now depending on how I drive. I would say my driving has become more aggressive and hence I now get just around 11kmpl. However, when I drive between 40 and 50kmpl consistently, without being hard on either brakes or accelerator, mileage goes up to 16kmpl.

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  1. I owned a Ritz LDI on 13th Mar 2011. Usually I check the mileage for the vehicles i drive like my brother’s, cousin’s etc.. I heard from one of my friend that Ritz is giving good mileage but when I owned it and tested, it is completely different. I stay in visakhapatnam and i drive almost 50-75 Kms a day with an average speed of 40kms. Initially when I checked the mileage it was giving me around 13 – 13.5 Kms with AC completely. When I reported the same issue to the Maruti Service Dealer, he said it will give good mileage after 5000Kms later checked but still the same again he asked me to check after 10,000Kms, still the same again after couple of services they finally told me to wait till 20,000Kms. Now I am running at 15000Kms in my odometer. Finally what I understood is there must be some problem either in my car or the petrol bunk. I shifted the bunk also then the mileage dropped to 12.5Kms. Can any one let me know the solution for this as Maruti Dealer says they can’t do anything.

    • Hello mr nag your driving is a not perfect. Maintain a speed between 50 to 60 kmph on high ways. Tyre pressure should be maintained 33/36. My ritz mileage is 20 /24 city/highway. I have run my vehicle 40k.

  2. Hi guys,
    Today My new Ritz, which I brought on sept 2012 clocked 5379 km. I never checked the mileage, because petrol engine need to run atleast 4000 km to reduce friction between the bore and piston. Last week I filled my car up to the brim i.e. 41 litres. I did 313 kms with mixture of city ride and highway, with A/C and without. After doing 313 km I refueled with 23 litres full tank. I got a disappointing figure of 13.3 kmpl. Anyways, people looking out for new cars should opt for diesel for both FE and money. Till subsidy is alive on diesel the price will not shoot high. Swift VDI or Ritz VDI are the idle option, maintenance is almost the same between petrol and diesel. But one cannot own a diesel car for more than 5 years, after 5 years diesel car start drilling hole in your pocket. I still prefer Ritz because of awesome space, legroom and driving comfort. Ritz has great road visibility, people having lower back pain can use this car. I check Honda Brio, VW polo, Fiat punto and Figo all these car have sit very low. Finally Ritz vdi is what I suggest.


  3. I am having a Ritz VXI purchased in SEP 2011. In TRIVANDRUM city rides, I am getting 11.5 to 12 km/l. I had run around 2500 km only. I had a long trip to TRICHUR and I got 15.5 km/l, with A/C on all the time. I like Ritz very much. More leg room, very spacious. My wife and children enjoyed the long trip. On my recommendation two of my friends also purchased Ritz. RITZ is superb. After 5000 kms, probably I have to check the mileage.

  4. I having Ritz VXI since march 2010 . I get fooled from maruti , as I am not getting the mileage not more than 12 kmpl. I want to change it to diesel version.

  5. jitender aggarwal

    I am planning to purchase a car that is Ritz, But I am confused between Diesel and Petrol version please guide me as I have to travel 60 to 70 kms on daily basis (urgently)


  6. I am planning to purchase a car definitely going for Ritz as Swift looks are unconvincing for me. A test drive of LDI version which was 15000 km old I found it to be extremely smooth and quite. But I am confused between Diesel and Petrol version please guide me as I have to travel 50 to 60 kms on daily basis

  7. i am driving last three years i also drive maruti swift but maruti ritz is more comfortable than from maruti swift i am satisfied with maruti ritz

  8. Ritz is a awesome car from maruti suzuki Ritz has received very good demand from customers. I am confident that the new edition — Ritz Genus

  9. My ritz zxi giving milage 15Km/L in city condition and 17.6 on highways with four passenger at speed of 90km/h.
    I bought this car in september 2010 and drive only 2500 km.Workshop guys told me that milage will increase after 5000 km.

  10. Maruti Ritz is providing excellent mileage and it is consistent too. The petrol Ritz returns an overall mileage of 17 kmpl while the diesel Ritz returns an impressive 20 kmpl mileage!!!

    • I own a ritz ldi which i bought in oct 2009,the vehicle has done 18500 km till date.The amazing part is its mileage,i get a average of 15km in chennai city traffic and around 21km on the highways which is VFM

  11. I having Ritz VXI since march 2010 . I get fooled from maruti , as I am not getting the mileage not more than 12 kmpl. I want to change it to deisel version.

  12. sachin Kshirsagar

    I am using Ritz vdi from last one year and clocked about 35000 km!
    i am constantly using it with A/C ON. I am driving in Pune city around 60 Kms and on busy highways around 50 Kms i.e. about 110 Kms /day. I faced few problems initially and Maruti Engineers sorted out it. I am constantly getting about 19 km and above in this condition and with combined drives on expressway i got the average about 21.5 Kms. I am doing the servicing regularly after 5000 Kms and oil and filter change on every 10,000 Kms no doubt the performance is very very good. Due to ergonomics of seating position and gear shift leaver. I never feel that i am tired after so much driving in city and traffic because in second gear i need to keep the foot on accelerator pedal . It is pleasure to go on long drive.

  13. Hey all, I drive ritz petrol with alloy wheels replaced with regular factory filled rims, i drive 100 kms everyday to Hyderabad, i drive my ritz very aggressively at around 90 to 100 kms/hr, with a/c on completely, i still get an average of 15 kms or slightly lesser then 15 kms/litre. if i drive with an average speed of 70 kms/hr with a/c will surely increase by a kilometer or 1 and half kilometer, on an whole i should i am satified with the car with the kind of mileage i get, i should say one more thing i drive less in traffic and more on highway, may be the reason why i might get good mileage.

    About ritz performance, i should say it can reach upto a speed of 130 kms/hr without shaking or vibrations in the body, only thing is on that speed its little dangerous compared to swift due to the design of the body (being height). Its more spacious, good leg room, front and rear, good gear knob, only thing i find some problem is the gear box, sometimes it stucks and difficult to shift the gear. The drive comfort is awesome, i really love the dash board, i think u will not find such good dash board in any of the hatchbacks.

    hope this helps u guys about mileage and car….
    Cheers and enjoy the drive with ritz….

    • I own Maruti Ritz VXI and have been using it since 6 months. I am getting an average mileage of 13kmpl in Chennai City with A/C.

      In highways, I am getting a mileage of 16.5 km/l with full A/c, and with average speeds of around 100kmph.

  14. Ritz is a fantastic car.Its Mileage beats other cars in this segment hand down.
    I get a mileage of 16kmpl in Kolkata on my Ritz petrol Vxi

    • I have bought Ritz LXi on 8th of August and have done around 500 kms. I am bit worried as the car is returning me a mileage of 8 – 9. When i called the workshop the guy told me that they will tune the engine and it will give me a better mileage. I am bit disappointed as I was expecting a at least 13kmpl in city.

    • Hi Gurumahi

      How do you manage such a high mileage in Kolkata city?, I never get above 12 i.e also without AC. Does Ritz really give such a high mileage in Kolkata city?

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