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Hyundai i10 Magna Mileage test results

I recently had a chance to test a Hyundai i10 Magna with 1.2 litre engine capacity. The car has done about 3000 kms and was ideal for doing a mileage check test.

Before I head into the test details, I’ll tell you the way the mileage check was done, and I tell you, this is the ONLY way to test your mileage precisely. First fill the car tank completely, then reset your trip meter or mark the reading of the odometer. Then go for a drive as you do normally. Let the trip meter clock at least 150kms (more the trip meter ticks, more precise will be your mileage). After you’ve done what is required, fill the tank again to its capacity. Note exactly how many litres does it take to completely fill the tank. Now simply divide the trip meter reading in kms with the litre reading on the petrol pump, and you should have your mileage with decimal point accuracy.

Another important point that defines the mileage of a car is how it was driven in its first 1000 or 1500kms. If that period was a racing drive, then it’ll take a toll on your new engine and hence the mileage should be low than what the company said.

The car that I tested was driven exactly as it was given in the manual (it belongs to a senior citizen who obviously doesn’t try fancy things). I tested the car in Hyderabad city in peak traffic hours and also drove it down the NH9 to Vijayawada, 280 kms away.

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As I said before, I filled the tank completely and took it for a drive.

I drove nearly 200kms in Hyderabad and another 600 kms on the highway (up and down). Some of you living in Hyderabad may know that it isn’t any pleasure to drive a car in Hyderabad. In peak hours you can go a maximum of 2-3 kms in 1 hour.

You obviously cannot cross 50-60 kmph speed, unless you are in the front row of a signal stop, and that too for a short distance as another signal would be waiting for you ahead.

i10In this scenario, with AC ON for most of the time (you can’t breathe with out AC here), say for 95% of the time, the i10 Magna gave me 11.6kmpl.

As the tank is completely filled now, I set out to test it on the National Highway en route to Vijayawada.

I clocked nearly 620 kms over 2 days, with around 580 kms on the highway. I reached a max speed of 125kmph without much trouble, but kept the speed at a constant level around 100kmph for most part of the journey.

It is advised that you close your windows when travelling at high speeds to prevent air friction. Hence the AC was ON for nearly 60% of the time.

In this scenario, the Magna gave me a good 17.3kmpl, which according to me is highly acceptable.

But remember all those things that I described above that can influence your car Mileage.

How much does your i10 give you?

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  1. dr.rajbir singh garcha

    i am having i10 magna kappa engine car from 15-9-2009. it is a unique car & i love to drive this car . as far as the mileage is concerned , it has given me 14-15 km/l in city . at the same time on highway-17.5 km/l even on a picnic tour to kasauli from mandi gobind garh -punjab. beauty of this car is attractive interior , comfortable seats , solid body parts , balance & ac of this car is great . firmness of brakes & smooth gear shifting make it a like as if you are driving an aeroplane . i do not find any flaw in this car. all the best .

  2. Maruti A Star is going to come in Automatic Avatar. A Star will be in market from july 2010 with automatic transmission. A star is already a mileage giving car. Hence, automatic will still be fuel efficient and Maruti will attractively price this car to make it a best deal than i10 automatic. if you are constantly crawling in city traffic, go for A Star automatic.

  3. hi i own i10 sportz.. i have checked mileage many times
    in highway i got 14.5 km\l
    in city its 12 km\l
    i saw this car gets around 19 km\l
    is something wrong with my car

  4. Nice, very helpful!
    Can u pls tell how to make trip meter to 0 in i10?
    Waiting for your reply, Thanks in advance…

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