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Discover 100cc Vs Passion Pro – Tech Spec shoot out

If it was Splendor before and Passion after, now it’s the Passion Pro that is rolling the numbers high for Hero Honda. Bajaj also had Platina 100cc,  but that was only a moderate hit.

Ever since, Bajaj has Re discovered the Discover brand in the 100cc market, it has indeed become the main competitor for the Passion Pro. We recently gave you a detailed report of Discover 100cc Mileage which was commendable too.

Now we’ll see a report that compares Passion Pro (Here by ‘Pro’) and Discover 100cc (Here by ‘Disc’) to the core.

Engine Capacity

Pro – 97.2cc

Disc – 94.3ccPassionpro

Max Power

Pro – 7.8ps at 7500rpm

Disc – 7.7ps at 7500rpm

Max Torque (More torque at less rpm means more initial pick up)

Pro – 8.04Nm at 4500rpm

Disc – 7.85Nm at 5000rpm

Compression Ratio (Higher compression ratio means more engine power at the time of Ignition and better air – fuel mixture)

Pro – 9.0:1

Disc – 9.8:1

Number of Gears

Pro – 4

Disc – 5

Kerb weight

Pro – 116kgs (kick), 119kgs (self)

Disc – 115kgs

Fuel tank capacity (The only major disappointment  in Discover, but its Mileage slightly overcomes this)

Pro – 12.8 litres (1 litre as reserve)

Disc – 8 litres (2.3 litres as reserve)

Ground Clearance (More ground clearance means better behaviour at speed breakers and Potholes, however 3mm isn’t a big deal)

Pro – 165mm

Disc – 162mm

Wheelbase (More wheelbase means better grip over the road, especially in turns)

Pro – 1235mm

Disc – 1305mm


Pro – 71kmpl in heavy city traffic

Disc – 78.04kmpl in similar conditions

Price (check for latest prices; varies by city)

Pro – Rs.44840

Disc – Rs.40840

So if better mileage at lower price is your priority, you choice should be the new Bajaj Discover 100cc DTS-Si. But there are definitely some trade-offs here, lower torque, lower fuel tank capacity but the things that overcome these deficits and make us think Discover is better are the Wheel base and Mileage.

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  1. Hero is hero. Look at the reputation of hero honda, as compared to discover.
    Passion is best guys.

  2. Passion pro is the best.

  3. So every one is curious about difference b/w discover 100cc and passion pro.
    Discover is most powerful bike it can easily give mileage 75-80kmpl and it can go on smoothly with 2 members.
    Where as passion it is good in some conditions, but it will not come along discover.

  4. Daily my running is above 100 km I want to buy good mileage low maintenance bike i am confused in passion pro – discover 100cc – tvs phoenix. Please suggest me soon actual mileage for these 3 bike any experienced people.

  5. Bajaj discover is better than passion pro. I do not like passion pro.

  6. No…..its not correct. I Have a Passion Pro, which gets only 45 – 50 Km/Ltr. Sometimes it will Increase a maximum of 55 Km/Ltr. I am doing all the services through Hero Honda Authorized Service Center. I am using only a minimum speed of 40-50 Km /Hour. Why its happened?

  7. Hi Friends
    Always I like 2 stock bikes yamaha, but the Increase petrol price is not suitable for me to ride a 2 stock bike, So I use HeroHonda Passion PRO. I note the average of PRO is very good 72 kmpl at normal speed 45-55kph and I also test it. But the problem with my Passion PRO is at 60 kph, the bike is start Burbling and get odd sound with tik- tik Etc. So every ride I cannot enjoy with my bike. But Hero honda nam hi kafi hi. I suggest everybody, 100cc bike is not manufacture for speed/Racing. It is only for Home to office and small tours, Every bike gave you some problem and you cannot fulfill it, You can choose Hero Honda Passion PRO for long life and Resale, Bajaj ka scooter acha rehta he.

  8. Guys i am very confused b/w passion pro and discover 100 i just want good looks and good mileage in my bike so plz suggest me your suggestions


    passion pro APDV is best discover 100cc bhi achha hai lekin discover 100cc ki sabse badi problem chain set ki hai jo takreeban usmein aati hi hai


    passion pro is better because the life of discover engine is low

  11. I am confused in between passion pro and discover

  12. Satisfactory

  13. hero passion pro rocks bcoz it can be a little difference between milege but in looks and maal hero’s bikes r no. 1 which is very important in indian atmosphere, after few days u will see a khal…..khal…… khalalalalala……. sound in bajaj’s bikes mostly in discover.
    aur bhai hamare yahan makhhan jaisi roads to hai nahi is khal………khal………….khalalalala ……… se kaam chal jayega bike mein kuch dum bhi to hona chahiye.

  14. Discover 100 smoother drive and good mileage than passion pro



  17. 1) passion pro makes a noisy sound in the engine.. when am going around 50 above speed it will makes a “tep..tep…tep… ” sound enormously.. it’s irritating.. plz follow with that and make your customers needs come true.. its not my own problem, it’s all my friends owned passion pro bikes..
    2) please give a cover to back wheel… bcoz when ever rainy climate tyres will throw mud on chain covered box and looks very dirty… so you have to made a cover to coming one…
    I hope you people will satisfy our problems with faithfully…

  18. Passion pro is best to buy . As it is very stable bike in market. And look is also not bad. Mainly Hero Honda ka Bharosa hai yar…. Mere pas pehle bhi Hero honda cd 100 ss tha bahot accha chala yar…. Long Years ke liye jarur PASSION PRO HI LE….

  19. Dear Brother
    I have got a bike from my company. That is passion pro. but I observed the mileage is about 40kmpl,but here it is written 71kmpl.
    can you please give me some advise.
    Moin-Chittagong, Bangladesh.

  20. i think bajaj discover 100 is better bike than any hero honda bike. i drive discover 100cc many times and splendor also. but discover has more pick up than splendor. discover’s gear box is very good than platina and ct 100. i think u should go for discover 100cc . discover 100cc is low maintenance bike than any bike and high mileage than any 100cc bike

  21. Passion pro gives only 50 kmpl in city traffic

  22. i want to purchase 100cc bike but confuse in purchase which bike is best passion pro oo discover,pl.help me because i want to purchase in short time. i want minimum maintenance and good mileage bike.

  23. mr. imran , discover 100cc launched on 2009 only, not in 2007. first check it whether ur bike is 125cc.

  24. Is there any engine problem or knocking problem in passion pro

  25. any one bike owners go for bajaj tvs honda or any other company but don’t go any product of hero honda. you will buy hh you buy only headache

  26. Please advise about these points to decide between Discover 100 & Discover 150.
    1) Exactly how much mileage Discover 150 will give in city.
    2) Is Discover 100′ s power is enough to climb with Double seat on gradient
    3) It is heard that Discover 100 use to viable on highway as any big vehicle (Bus or truck) passes from nearby. Is it is true?

  27. Hi . Good Comparison. Tks……………

  28. i want to improve power,pickup and milage of my passion pro (kick start)…can u help me???

  29. Bajaj discover rocks specially in mileage my friend has passion n i have 100 cc disc … disc;s mil in city is above 75 but passion is around 65

  30. Yatheendra Bangalore

    i want to purchase dicov100cc but i fear bajaj engines give problems after year of usage.

  31. i will purchase bike but i am confuse which bike is better in Average, Maintainance
    I want to buy a bike with low maintainence and good mileage. Suggest me

  32. I want to buy a 100 cc bike plz help mi.

  33. hey frnd which one passion pro or dicover 100cc dts-si

  34. You missed some significant differences. Passion has a square engine whereas Disco has a long stroke engine. Passion has twin down tube cradle chassis whereas Disco has single down tube chassis. These are two of the reasons that make Passion the class benchmark.

  35. this seems to totally one sided work i have discover 100cc it does’nt give that much mileage as mentioned but my roommate’s passion plus gives and if increase speed anything above 55kmph mileage reduces drastically………….i have discover 100cc 2007 model

  36. discover is very nice bike compare to all other 100cc bikes.

  37. yaar discover 150 ki baat hi alag hai.

  38. I want to buy a bike with low maintainence and good mileage. Suggest me

  39. according to maintaince which bike is better passion pro or discover 100cc

  40. i will purchase bike but i am confuse which bike is better in Average, Maintainance
    plz. give me reply

  41. please suggest me which bike should i purcahse between passion pro and discover

    • Hey friend take Passion Pro Its Troble free bike.It is very smooth that i feel it buddy.

    • dear Pramod i think you sould purchase DISCOVER100
      it has better milg. and pic. than passion.
      AND ALSO IT IS 5 SPEED GEAR .so u can smooth drive in traffic.

  42. hi satish good comp.

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