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Bajaj Discover 100cc Mileage check

We first reported that Bajaj was Re discovering is Discover brand by launching a Discover DTS-Si in 100cc category. Now that a good 4 months have passed by since its introduction, we had a chance to test the bike for its exact mileage in actual conditions.

You may have already seen all those Ads in the TV on Discover 100cc, like with one litre of petrol you can reach Jambur (India ka Africa), Matur (Where people only speak Sanskrit even today) etc on your Discover 100cc. You needn’t go to such places to test your mileage since we’ve done that job for you.

Our Discover 100cc (94.3cc) test bike has done 1600kms of travelling when we did the mileage check. As we always say that Mileage largely depends on the way you ride your vehicle. One has to also know the exact way to test the mileage of a vehicle.

We’ve filled the tank completely (8ltrs) and entered the heavily crowded roads of Hyderabad. We’ve clocked 320kms over 2 days (only in the city region) which was long enough to get an accurate reading. We went to the filling station again and asked to fill the tank completely. The reading was 4.1ltrs when the tank was completely filled. So 320kms/4.3ltrs= 78.04kmpl was the mileage. Considering that most of the journey was made in a heavy stop go traffic, 78.04kmpl is mighty impressive.

And if you want statistical data on traffic, Hyderabad is the worst city to drive (in terms of traffic) second only to New Delhi. We couldn’t go over 70kmph speed at any point in the test drive.

(Also see: The all new Bajaj Pulsar 135cc mileage)

If you live in cities with better traffic management or lower traffic levels, you can easily add another 5kmpl(at least) to 78.04kmpl.

Considering the main competitor to Discover 100cc is the new Hero Honda Passion Pro whose mileage is far below than the Discover and price above discover, one can easily choose Discover as their bike between the two.

Note: For bikes, you can also test your mileage using the reserve feature as a reference point. Though you may not get the exact figure, your reading will be right up there.

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  1. hi… friends muje bike leni hai mera daily running 30 to 50 kms hai.
    To mujhe bajaj discover 100cc leny chahiye ki passion pro pl advice do mujhe aaj kal main gadi leny hai……
    I waiting for u
    Thank you…..

  2. hai friends my discover 100cc gives 74.5 kmpl/l

  3. Hi,
    I am having a Bajaj 125 DTS-i. I purchased it in 2005. it was giving good mileage till 3 -4 months back. 4 months earlier I had it serviced and mileage dropped from 46 to 32. In last service it has dropped to 22. The mechanic says the problem is carburetor and needs to be changed. What could be the possible solution?

  4. my discover 135 dtsi gives 30 km/l it is very bad for me and i had been tried to repair it but i got bad luck now what will i do?

  5. Bajaj discover good average, low maintenance ,
    Passion pro nice avg
    But if you wants a different stylist look and wants to drive a good looking 150-125 cc so get 109 cc twister .It will feel u the ride of 150 cc bike. Good average of 65+ on city road and highway it crosses over 77.engine sound very good as it is Honda. what u get in driving 109 cc bike it is best
    1good looking
    2good pickup,
    3low maintenance
    4 high mileage bike.
    go for it
    some disadvantage
    not a family bike for youngster
    vibrate over 80 km

  6. I want to buy a bike of 100cc. I am an employee, working in hyderabad. I may ride 20-30km every day. Keeping the fuel economy and looks in mind I have shortlisted to bikes discover 100cc and passion pro.

    But the question is which bike will have longer life?
    Which bike can perform well and give good mileage over long period of time.
    What parameters/characteristics will decide the life of a bike?

    I would not expect any bike to give a mileage as good as a brand new one after 10 yrs of riding, but I expect that the performance should not deteriorate considerably over the years.

    I have seen that hero honda bikes last very long, The reason for not having seen many bajaj bikes on road may be that bajaj is younger in the industry.

    I can still see hero honda cd100 roaming on roads. Is it the same with bajaj bikes? Can we expect the same from them, can we rely on them for so long as hero honda.

    Please advise.

    • Hi,
      Any one who asks me which bike to purchase these days, I am inclined to suggest 125cc and above one’s. Especially since you are talking about 10 years term, these 100cc bikes could be redundant by then. Also, there is not much price difference between a 100cc and a 125/135 cc bike these days. So please consider this.
      Talking about Bajaj bikes lasting long, as you said, they are late entrants and hence all you find are the new Pulsars and Discovers. But remember Chetak? I still see them here in Mumbai.
      Technology is so advanced and vastly available these days that there is very little technical differences between the two companies. It’s just the brand they are inclined to, that makes the difference.
      Bajaj bikes look sporty and also the spare parts are a little costlier than Hero Honda’s. On the other hand, Hero Honda’s parts and plastics are cheap and hence prices are less. They more look like family kinda bikes.
      Coming to your specific question, discover 100 or passion pro, I will have no problems choosing Discover.
      But then, the longevity depends on your usage, frequency of maintenance etc. Also, 10 year period for a Rs.40k odd bike is a bit too much according to me. Are you sure your preferences and financial conditions will remain the same for 10 years, making you stay with the old 100cc bike in 2020 or so?

  7. hi everyone i am just confused that i should buy splendor pro or discover 100 cc beacaus the rate more or less the same but i want bike giving more millage can any one please pleaseplease help me

  8. Hiii ….my name is frank nd my height is 5f. 4inch…
    Is it ok fr mee 2 ride a discover 100????

  9. Hellow sriraj, I m looking for a bike having average between 75-80 km/l. what should i go for. i have to travel daily 50 kms in city. and should have less care taking

  10. Hellow sriraj, I m looking for a bike having average between 75-80 km/l. what should i go for. i have to travel daily 50 kms in city.

  11. hello sriraj…..i wanna buy a new bike ranging between 40 – 60 thousand…..i just only wanna know …which bike should i buy…..discover 100cc or pulsar 135 cc or any other of ur suggestion

    specifications : good mileage , good looking and less care taker

  12. Dear sir
    i have purchased bajaj dtssi 100 cc bike in april 10.i daily used to run it 35 to 40 km.initially it gives 50 to 55 milage.now after two service its milage is not improve as well as after 5o kmph speed my bike startjerking like fuel is empty. i show the bike to service centre but they r not helping me to rectify the problem. plz help me.

    • Check your Spark Plugs…replace them if Necessary… I had the same problem of jerking as if fuel has gone empty. Also there was no help from Bajaj Service centre guys( I think they are all Newbies..dont know any technical details to rectify any problem..they just know to wash and polish the bike)…. But then i took my bike to a local mechanic ..he changed one of the spark plug..and since then.NO JERKING..only smooth riding…Vroom…vroom…

  13. Hi Sriraj,

    I have pulsar 200 which I am planning to sell now because I get back aches while riding it for a long distance and also its mileage is just 32km/ltr. I am looking for a bike which has good looks and great mileage, I have shortlisted two bikes one is Bajaj discover 100cc and Bajaj discover 150cc which one should I go for.

    • OMG, a sudden shift from 200cc to 100cc.. I’m sure you’ll hate Discover 100c if you go that way. However, it looks like its not the problem with bike but with the seating. So you’ll have to drive both of them and decide which is more comfortable. As for the mileage, it’s obvious that it decreases as CC increases. On Road, the Discover 100cc gives something like 75kmpl while the 150cc one gives in the mid 50’s.
      Since you’re coming from 200cc range, I wouldn’t recommend the 100cc one. If Discover 150’s mileage is less, you could go even middle way with Discover 135, that gives a mileage in the 60 range. But, be sure to decide only after you made a good ride.

      • Thanks for your suggestions, but why do you say I would hate Discover 100cc is it because of speed and performance of pulsar 200cc is better than Discover 100cc or something else.
        I know its a drastic drop in cc but as the fuel price is going up I would prefer a bike which gives me mileage, performance and low maintenance will Discover give me all this????

        • Yes, I said it precisely for that reason.
          100cc is just too low and I don’t recommend that class to any one unless they are only worried about mileage. Taking that as a point, you can go for Discover 135 or 150.

  14. hi everybody, i am the new ownei of discover 100cc dts si. . . i live in hyd and travel over worst traffic conditions. . . . true and honest the mileage is between 75 to 85 . . . with fuel efficiency in mind one can go for it without any doubt. . . .

  15. Discover 100cc mileage is only 69. I use it in bangalore and do about 80 kms daily

    • No..its not 78 its not 69…its ONLY 60 kmpl for my bike…
      Can anyone help me to get these 78 and 69 figures???

      • please increase ur tyre pressure 2 points more than ur recommended value in rear and no change in front
        clean the spark plug once in a month and now change ur engine oil.
        i feel castrol 4t plus is good for ur bike
        make a complete water cum oil service
        then check ur bike mileage after finishing some 75 to 125 kms…….
        after checking kindly mail me ur results
        gpraveen1989 at gmail.com

  16. Dear Sir, I want to buy(?) pulsar brand 135ls or Discover 100cc, iam 33yrs. i will use this bike with friends and family. should i go for pulsar? can shock absorbers in pulsar be adjustable(lowered) to fit my height. Please advise me. Thanks in advance!

    • I’m really not sure about adjusting shock absorbers. If you can afford pulsar over discover 100cc, considering both the price and Mileage difference (which is significant enough), then you may go for Pulsar 135ls.

  17. I am new here. I am not agaist any bike but for 60k you have good options… If the mileage is all you need then discover 100. No other bike in india gives that much. Ask any disco 100 user. Power+mileage then 1.pulsar 135ls. Check my coment in bikeadvise.com. 2. Honda stunner. But i dont like the fixed headlamp.3. Yamaha gladiator. It would be my choice… Any below 60k bike can’t perform like pulsar 135 but there is probldms in it

  18. Hi, My question is regarding which bike to chose which will suit me best.

    My budget 50-60 K on road in bangalore..

    Specifications : Good pick up , decent mileage and looks:

    I have the following bikes in mind
    Bajaj : pulsar -135, Discover ,XCD

    Hero Honda : Glamour, Stunner <,Passion Plus

    One thing that i am confused about is that people are saying PULSAR-135 has awkard seating posture and i have a bit of spine problem .. so should i go for Discover ? coz if thats not the case than i am totally for Pulsar-135 !!!

    • So, I’d say, have a test rider of pulsar 135ls and if you don’t find any thing awkward, go for it.
      In any case the first thing you have to decide is whether to have a 100cc or a 125/135cc bike. Since you said 50-60k, put that 100cc passion out of the list.
      If you want good pick up, Bajaj bikes beat Hero Honda’s on any day. Coming to looks, none in the list match the looks of Stunner.
      Now decide for yourselves.

  19. Marikxon Manurung

    Hi Sriraj, This is the first time I’m here. About Bajaj…India motorcycle, I have one of them. I have Bajaj Pulsar 180 cc DTSi…I think it’s great sport motorcycle. Pulsar 180cc DTSi is economical motorcycle and also good looking. In Indonesia, especially the city of Jakarta, so many people use the India motorcycle. The motorbike was widely used today is the Bajaj Pulsar and Apache. 🙂

    • Hello Manurung,
      You are a regular commenter at Hellbound bloggers right? Good to have you here.
      No surprise when you say that, Bajaj is a big brand in 2 wheelers all over the world.
      But I’m surprised to hear Apache, I didn’t know TVS does that well abroad.

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