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Tata Sky Mobile App with remote record (Android & iPhone)

Sure there was a Tata Sky mobile app previously (for Nokia, Blackberry and iPhone) but all it could do was seeing schedules and record programs (only for Tata Sky+). When compared with mobile apps of other DTH/DVR’s around the world, that app used to be way behind standards. Now, in an attempt to at least reach those standards, Tata Sky has revamped its mobile app, now available for Ios users (and soon coming to Android) using which you can see schedules, record programs, share what you’re watching with friends on facebook and twitter, use your phone as a universal remote to control your TV, Tata Sky set top box and other media units. Tata Sky calls it ‘Mobile Access app’ with a tagline ‘Watching TV gets social’.

When you connect the app with your facebook account, you can also see what your friends are watching (if they have tata sky and are using the app). Additional information regarding various shows is also provided through IMDB and Wikipedia.

Note: This updated app is now available for iPhone, iPod and iPad (search in the App Store for ‘Tata Sky Mobile Access’, made by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment) and will be available on Android platform soon. To use the phone as remote control, you need to purchase ‘MP3 Mobile Accessory’ priced at Rs.350 which should be connected to the headphone jack of your phone which then emits infrared signals that will communicate with set top box, TV’s and other devices such as DVD’s.

Update: The app is now available on Android platform too. In one other latest updates to the app, Tata Sky has made great amount of changes to the remote record feature. One can no longer record TV programs when they are away from their homes since the app now requires the mobile and the set top box to be connected to the same wifi network. This also means that those who have non HD Tata Sky plus set top boxes, cannot record programs from the app at all.

You can get the old version of Tata Sky app, but it doesn’t work any more (Tata Sky’s servers don’t process calls from old app).

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