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Review of Press Reader for Android

Earlier we said that Press Reader App for Android was made available by Samsung to all Galaxy S users via the Froyo update. And now, it looks like the service is finally enabled and we were able to download and use the app.

First impressions; Nice.

When I tapped on the Press Reader icon, it redirected to the Samsung Apps (App on phone) from where the App was available for download. It downloaded, installed and was ready to use instantly. No registration, nothing (But once your trial finishes, you need to subscribe for a fee and Authorize from your mobile). Press reader app on Android

There are huge numbers of news papers to read. You can search for News Papers by Country or Language. If it finds long list of News Papers, you can order them by Popularity or Alphabet. Sadly, searching by News Papers name is not available, yet.

When you find your News Paper, simply tap on in and you’ll be shown the calendar from where you should select the date of news paper which you’d like to read. Being there, you also have an option to deliver that news paper automatically as soon as it’s available. Once that is done, your News Paper will start downloading. A 28 pages News Paper will roughly be 28MB in size, so don’t go crazy in marking all News Papers to deliver automatically as that will put a hole to your wallet, if you’re not on Wifi that is.

Also, 28MB is not a small space. So you’d want to constantly keep deleting the downloaded News Papers after you’ve finished reading, either from with in the App itself (long press) or from My Files->Press Reader->News Paper ID’s.

If there is anything that’s missing from the App, that’s the page curling effect when flipping between pages.

Generally speaking, this suits for over 8 inch tablets but for phones, I think this wouldn’t be a good fit. It just takes too many taps to read the content we want, when we can actually easily visit the mobile optimized site (or even its digital newspaper) of the publication itself.

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