Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Press Reader App for Android

It looks like the PressReader App, from NewspaperDirect Inc, that makes 1700 News Papers from 92 countries in the world available for iPhone and iPad users has now made it available for Samsung Galaxy S Android users too (see the image for PressReader app). Press Reader App in Samsung Galaxy S

The App was seen installed along with the Froyo update that happened today (29 November) for Indian handsets (not sure about other Froyo releases). Although the App won’t open now; when you tap it, you’ll get a notice mentioning that the ‘Service will be available soon’.

You won’t find the Press Reader App when you search for it in the Android Market, so it looks like Samsung has made a deal with NewspaperDirect Inc to make it available for its users. Whether it is only for Indian users or others will be known soon.

Update: You can confirm that this is a system app installed along with the froyo update as you will not find the app in the list of Applications on your Galaxy S and also you won’t be able to delete it via Menu->Edit->Delete.

Update 2: It looks like the the service is finally enabled. When you tap on the icon, it redirects to Samsung Apps and lets you install the press reader App. This is a System App and you won’t find this in Samsung Apps once you completed installation.

There are literally thousands of News Papers from around the world for your to read and infact have them delivered to your PR App as soon as they are available, every day.

Update 3: This app is no longer bundled with any particular Android phone. It is freely available in Google Play Store for any Android user to download.

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  1. How many newspaper can one read daily ? 2 or 3 ? each of my newspapers have dedicated apps that does the same thing if not better for “free” This app has no future as a paid app…Gonna probably root my phone to remove a lot of other “useless” apps that Samsung or google wants you to have forcibly…

  2. Its there on Galaxy S (with froyo update) but its a trial version.. it’ll allow you to download 7 copies .. but after that you’ll have to purchase the subscription.. and the fact that if one doesn’t want the subscription.. one can’t uninstall it.. 🙁

  3. Found it on my SGS too today when I updated to froyo. Samsung has been advertising heavily for Galaxy 3 and 5 in India and in one Ad they mention about an app for reading hundreds of newspapers, I wonder if THAT is THIS.

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