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How to hide ‘Last Seen’ time on WhatsApp Android; Officially

Most of you are probably using WhatsApp on your phones. And most of you might be using it on an Android phone. There’s some good news today. No, not the Facebook acquisition but a set of new privacy features which were exclusively available to iPhone users till now.

Android users can now hide their ‘Last Seen’ time from the privacy settings provided in the app. There are three options here, Everyone, My Contact and No body. You can choose any one of these three options to whom you want to show your Last Seen time/date. Apart from ‘Last Seen’, there are now additional privacy settings for Profile photo and your Status. Similar to Last Seen, you can choose to show your pic or status to everyone, your contacts only or nobody. Unfortunately, a this point there’s no option to select individual members to whom you want to broadcast your privacy items. Whatsapp icon

All good until now.

But, you have to remember that ‘You get what you give’. Which means; you cannot see other people’s Last Seen or profile pic or status if you don’t show them yours.

If that is not a problem for you, grab the latest build of the app from its Website or wait a few days for it to be made available in the official Google Play Store (caution: it may or may not be finally available on play store). From the website, you can directly download the application and install on your phone. You just have to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from your phone’s settings before you install the app.

Note: Your Last Seen date will not be the last time you used Whatsapp before enabling this feature. Instead, it will be completely blank. If your friends are aware of this feature, they will know that you are hiding the date and if they are not aware of this feature, there’s a good chance that they will think that you are blocking them (since the same thing happens when you block someone).

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