Failed ATM transaction but money debited?


You might have come across this situation at some point of time. You visit an ATM to withdraw money, swipe your card, enter the pin and amount but the ATM throws up some error and doesn’t let out any money. And to your dismay, you receive message on your mobile that the money has been debited from your account for …

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Converting existing bank account to Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Account?

Jan Dhan account

I’m hearing this a lot these days. People coming and asking to convert their existing account to Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan account aka PMJDY. And some ask to link their existing account to Jan Dhan account. All this, I suppose, is a result of ill advertising by the Government. The Advertisement always flashes the benefits of the yojana but never …

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Airtel roaming in Maharashtra; Calls, SMS & Data

airtel roaming in maharashtra

If you have recently moved to Maharashtra, either temporarily or permanently, and use Airtel services, these are the things you should be knowing. For the sake of this post, when ever Maharashtra is mentioned, it is to be taken excluding Mumbai, since Mumbai is a different telecom circle. Voice Calls while Roaming Airtel has very vast network coverage in Maharashtra. …

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Why do people vote for BJP (or even Congress)?


I have a very simple theory. I will never vote for a party that doesn’t come out to show its ‘source of funds’ to public and that which doesn’t stop giving tickets to candidates with criminal records. No matter who comes and screams ‘our development model’ or ‘Har hath shakti’, I will just not listen to them until the first …

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How to hide ‘Last Seen’ time on WhatsApp Android; Officially

Whatsapp icon

Most of you are probably using WhatsApp on your phones. And most of you might be using it on an Android phone. There’s some good news today. No, not the Facebook acquisition but a set of new privacy features which were exclusively available to iPhone users till now. Android users can now hide their ‘Last Seen’ time from the privacy …

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New 8Mbps BSNL Broadband plans in AP (Hyderabad) 2014

BSNL Broadband Plans in AP

It’s been a long time since I wrote about a BSNL service. The company is reporting losses after losses and it appears as if (unless some magic happens) it is only matter of time until the whole company is shut down (for the benefit of tax payers). The only thing protecting BSNL is its presence in the Broadband market. By …

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What do People think about Different States of India? (Acc to Google)

Opinion of People

Courtesy of this tweet, I thought I should do the same with different Indian states. And results are certainly interesting. If you didn’t go through that link, this post basically is what different people (via Google) think about different states of India. It makes use of the search suggestions that Google throws up as more people search for similar things …

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Use IMPS for 24×7 instant funds transfer (SBI, ICICI, HDFC, Axis)


Your relative who stays in a different city has asked you to transfer some money urgently. What would you do? NEFT or RTGS? Each of them have their own benefits. NEFT costs slightly less than RTGS (some banks even offer it for free if amount is less than Rs.1 lakh) but it takes longer than RTGS. Depending on the time …

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Nexus 5 USB connectivity options (MTP, Camera, Debugging)

Nexus 5 USB

If you have a Windows 7 or 8 PC, the drivers for Nexus 5 will be automatically installed the first time you connect the device to your PC. What drivers get installed depends on what mode the USB connection is on. A certain set of drivers get installed if the USB is connected as a Media device or MTP mode …

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Google Play Store Devices (Nexus 5, 7) shipping status

Order confirmation from Google Play

Now that something useful is put on the Google Play Store in India in the devices section, I decided to purchase a device. Since I already have a decent phone in S4, Nexus 5 wasn’t a choice. I purchased the new 2013 Nexus 7 for general browsing and home entertainment purpose. Payment in Play store must be made through Google …

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Tata Sky Everywhere TV (on Mobile) is not free. But why not?

Tata Sky Everwhere TV

Tata Sky Every Where TV. You must have already heard about it by now. Although Tata Sky isn’t the first DTH company to launch such a product, I was happy this came through. What I was not happy was to hear that I had to pay separately to watch TV on mobile. Being a subscriber of Tata Sky already, I …

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Maxx Smart charger 2600mAh (PBS 26 SDI) Power bank review

Maxx 2600mAh Power bank

What will you do if you’re not satisfied with the battery backup that your phone is giving? You might change some settings on phone, or replace the battery with a new one if it’s really old. If both these don’t solve the problem, you might think about replacing the battery with a larger one; which would need special back cover …

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Plastic Gas Cylinder Trolley Review (Rs.99)

Cylinder Trolley

We all know the kind of stains (made of rust) gas cylinders make on our flooring. I wanted to get rid of that. Also, our cylinder delivery boy is a generous guy who would bring the new refill into the kitchen and take the old one himself. But, sometimes a crack head turns up and simply refuses to bring the …

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Android Security: Lock and Locate your lost phone on Google Maps

Android Settings app

Losing a phone is always a problem and more so, if it is a smart phone without any security shield installed. Some have their whole life in it, from personal pictures to financial information. So needless to say, if you have a smart phone it’s vital for you to have some security features installed. Many phones come with these features …

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Airtel HD + Set Top Box with Unlimited Pen Drive Recording

Airtel HD + Pen drive recorder

There are already so many varieties of Set Top Boxes (STB) to chose from. Starting with the normal standard definition (SD) STB, SD STB with recording facility (although most companies have retired this variety now), then HD STB and finally HD STB with recording facility. When I say recording facility, it also includes the features such as Live pause and …

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